theater students on stage wearing neon colored costumes and make-up

Ira Brind School of Theater Arts 2022–2023

The Brind School is working with the fall and spring season directors to create dynamic and groundbreaking theater experiences.

When considering how to restructure the fall season in response to COVID-19, the creative community asked themselves a series of questions and landed on the following set of goals and guidelines for performers and creative teams.

  1. Continue to make vital, dynamic work while keeping all collaborators safe.

  2. Find opportunities to maximize student learning, engagement and the development of their artistry, despite limitations.

  3. Deconstruct and decolonize the ways in which we produce work—in particular, how current industry standards uphold the white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. Use this moment to free ourselves from those oppressive standards by reimagining and redefining process, schedule, culture and protocol.

  4. Invite new techniques and technologies into our processes to best share the work we do with others in a time of needful distance.

  5. Test artistic hypotheses. Conduct research that will benefit us long after the pandemic limits our ability to produce live events.


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