By focusing on excellence in the arts, we inspire, challenge, and support the unconventional thinkers, dreamers, and doers who are passionate about using their creative works to impact society.

Each note, each movement, each line, each brushstroke carries with it the power to transform society and enhance our quality of life. Your gift is an investment in our students' futures. And in our own.

Support our commitment to inspire, educate and prepare artists and the creative leaders of the future. Your donations go towards scholarships, support the facilities, and advance artistic and academic initiatives.

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Art Unleashed
The University's annual exhibition and sale of artwork from talented students, faculty and alumni helps raise money to support scholarships.
I came here to raise the profile of the institution, to take a lot of the things that are being done here and make people realize the amazing things our faculty, students and alumni are doing. UArts is a well-kept secret, and it shouldn't be.
— President and CEO David Yager

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