Uniquely UArts: the Campaign for Creative Capital


University of the Arts is a uniquely exciting place. Since its founding, we have been at the forefront of educating generations of innovative artists, designers and creative leaders. The Uniquely UArts: Campaign for Creative Capital was launched in 2018 with an initial goal of $50 million to strengthen UArts’ mission to advance human creativity, with a focus on supporting four critical initiatives: enhancing the student experience, investing in faculty, re-envisioning campus and developing innovative programming. Through the generous support of our donors, UArts’ first comprehensive campaign far exceeded its goals. Through the campaign, UArts has and will continue to launch a series of initiatives to transform the University to create an even more innovative home for creativity, risk-taking and exploration.

Four men dressed in suits are gesturing to a poster with the final fundraising total of $67.2M displayed on a large sign. The group of people and sign are sitting on stairs.

$67.2 million total funds raised

The Campaign’s Four Strategic Priorities


Supporting student success by enhancing the student experience

To help UArts students succeed, UArts honed its focus on raising unrestricted and endowed scholarships, which are awarded to students based on merit and/or financial need. Additionally, throughout the pandemic, UArts became increasingly aware of the acute hardships many UArts students were facing, especially when meeting some of their basic needs, like access to technology, art supplies and more. In direct response, President and CEO David Yager, with support from the Board of Trustees, launched the Student Support Challenge, to raise funds for the UArts Cares Fund. The fund aims to provide equitable access and essential resources to impact student health, academic success and overall well-being.

A portrait of Brandon Rodriguez. He is wearing a red shirt, a yellow graphic with emanating orange circles radiating from the center.
University of the Arts made it possible, through financial assistance from scholarship dollars, for me to be the first in my family to pursue higher education.
— Brandon Rodriguez ’22

Investing in faculty as leaders in their fields

The President’s Fund for Excellence was launched at the beginning of the campaign. It aims to support and invest in faculty as leaders in their fields by providing enhanced opportunities for artistic exchange and collaboration. In March 2022, the inaugural round of the Grants for Creative Research and Innovation program provided funding to 11 innovative projects led by UArts faculty and staff members. These projects comprise imaginative and innovative ideas that will advance the creativity of the UArts community. Additionally, through the active recruitment and hiring of well-respected faculty members and deans, UArts’ profile continues to rise, both in the region and nationwide.

A portrait of UArts President and CEO, David Yager. He is wearing a silver tie, a dark blue suit jacket and has a red UArts logo pinned to his lapel. He is smiling slightly and has gray glasses. Behind him, a graphical collage of painterly red, white and blue color fields with blue dots emanating from the center.

Re-envisioning the UArts campus

There have been several exciting capital improvements that are transforming UArts’ campus and enhancing not only the student experience, but also that of Center City Philadelphia. These improvements include the creation of a bustling Makerspace, state-of-the-art recording studios, a renovated Art Alliance, the Living Steps, a vibrant student center and new visiting artist studios.

Developing innovative programming

Lastly, through the first-of-its-kind PhD in Creativity program, UArts will continue to push beyond the traditional boundaries of creative training. The university's first cohort of PhD candidates graduated in May 2022 with the next cohort beginning in summer 2022.

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Breakdown of Financial Support


Student Scholarships:

Generous donors have created named scholarships and supported general scholarship funds, which are awarded to students based on merit and/or financial need.

UArts Cares Fund:

This fund provides equitable access to basic needs and essential resources that impact our students’ health, belonging, persistence and overall well-being. This includes support for housing security, access to technology, art supplies, healthcare and transportation.

President's Fund for Excellence:

Established by President and CEO David Yager in 2016, the fund supports extraordinary faculty and student project opportunities, such as travel, research, publication and other creative projects that foster excellence and innovation.

Capital Projects:

The funds raised toward capital projects will further enhance our campus, supporting human creativity and artistic growth for the entire University of the Arts community. Highlighted projects include the Albert M. Greenfield Makerspace, the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the Laurie Wagman Recording Studios, the Living Steps, the Inspiration Lab Artist-in-Residence studios in Anderson Hall and the Student Center.

Restricted Funds:

Funds are designated by the donor to support a specific program, academic discipline or area across campus.

Areas of Greatest Need:

Unrestricted or undesignated gifts to UArts that, at the university’s discretion, are used for expenditures like tuition relief, housing costs, food expenses and art supplies.


A portion of the annual income from the endowment investment is used to address immediate needs at the institution, while the remaining funds are reinvested to ensure indefinite support.

Campus & Academic Improvements, Student Support

See highlights of areas across the university that will continue to benefit from the campaign.

The success of this campaign, the very first in our long history as one of the nation’s preeminent comprehensive art schools, hinged on our entire university community coming together in pursuit of a shared, yet lofty, goal when we announced this campaign in 2018. The diversity of donors throughout this campaign has been truly remarkable. I extend my deepest thanks to all of those who have contributed, including parents, faculty, staff, alumni and those from all walks of life who understand and appreciate the intrinsic value of creativity in our society.
— President and CEO David Yager
Graphic image of the "Uniquely UArts" logo. The text reads "Uniquely UArts" in all caps (the "N" in Uniquely is the red, circular UArts logo mark.) "The Campaign for Creative Capital." is in gray, serif text below.