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Alumni Association

Welcome to the UArts Alumni Association!

Your connection to University of the Arts does not end with graduation. The University of the Arts Alumni Association is your lifelong connection to UArts, serving as the voice of more than 22,000 alumni creatives living worldwide. We’re committed to engaging and supporting the community through a variety of exciting events, services and programs. All graduates of UArts are automatically inducted as new members of the organization. 

You can learn more about the resources, benefits, and opportunities available for alumni, designed to support your personal and professional development and continued connection to the university, other graduates and current students.

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Check out Edge, the official magazine of University of the Arts, which is produced annually in the fall. The publication contains articles about new developments in the arts, spotlights on UArts faculty and students, alumni profiles, and class notes.

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Explore the amazing performances, exhibitions and more that are open to University of the Arts alumni and the greater community. Alumni events, if held on UArts campus, will be featured here, too. For information about additional alumni programming and regional events, subscribe to the Edge e-newsletter.

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Do you have news to share with the UArts community? We want to hear from you! Send us updates about your career, achievements and personal life, and they could be included in Edge or other UArts communication channels. No update is too small!

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UArts Connect

UArts Connect is our official online community, where students, faculty, staff and alumni can seek or offer professional or creative advice and tips, post or search for jobs, internships or events, promote your news and businesses, and so much more.

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Alumni Small Businesses

Let us know if you are a business owner! It can be a brick-and-mortar location, an Etsy shop or a personal website. It can be anywhere in the world that sells something related to your art discipline—or not at all. Add your business information to the Business Directory on UArts Connect, so we can promote and highlight you and your business.

Alumni-Owned Business Directory
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Career Services

Career Services offers comprehensive resources, a creative-focused job board and individual career counseling tailored to the individual needs of our students and alumni. Find out more about the lifelong professional resources available to you.

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Benefits & Resources

The University of the Arts Alumni Association aims to provide alumni with special rates on essentials such as insurance and Center City hotels, as well as discounts on UArts apparel and more. Membership is free and granted upon graduation.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Interest Form

UArts aims to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities for alumni to support each other, current students and the university. Share your areas of interest to volunteer and support UArts using the form available via the button to the right. When an opportunity aligns with your interests, a representative from the Office of Parent and Alumni Relations will contact you.

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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council represents all alumni to UArts leadership and provides essential feedback and insights. Council members serve as advocates for the university and support UArts’ initiatives to foster alumni engagement, strengthen the UArts community, and promote new student enrollment and institutional giving.

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Alumni Profiles

Creativity is central to the world’s society, and UArts’ alumni community is made up of graduates working both in and outside of the arts. Check out the success some of our alumni have had after graduation.

Drew Applegate in front of a statue
Drew Applegate

BFA '15

Animation (BFA)
Alex Da Corte in black and white looks off to the left. He is playing with a necklace with what looks like a plastic spider in his fingers.
Alex Da Corte

BFA ’05 (Printmaking)

A headshot of Scarlet Estelle Hernandez
Scarlet Estelle Hernandez

BS '16

Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (BS)
Chanel Howard headshot
Chanel Howard

BFA '18

Dance (BFA)
portrait of olivia jia in painting studio
Olivia Jia

BFA ‘17

Painting (BFA in Fine Arts)
Kevin Korn headshot
Kevin Korn

BM '07

Music - Composition (BM)
headshot of xenia matthews wearing a white turtleneck and glasses. matthews is bathed in blue light, while the background is a vivid fuchsia and red
Xenia Matthews

BFA '21

Film (BFA)
Lucas Steele facing the camera in a striped white shirt and black leather
Lucas Steele

BFA 2001

Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
Song Aziza Tucker in a blue halter top against a white background and she is looking at the camera over one shoulder
Song Aziza Tucker

German Ayala Vazquez Headshot
German Ayala Vazquez

BFA '20

Photography (BFA)
Josiah Wise headshot - Vocal Performance
Josiah Wise

BM '10

Music - Vocal Performance (BM)
portrait of loveis wise against a deep blue background with round wicker sculptures. loveis is wearing a black muscle shirt and has tightly buzzed bleached hair. they have full sleeves of tattoos on their dark skin and are wearing a silver chain necklace.
Loveis Wise

BFA '18

Illustration (BFA)
a table covered in black fabric has several circular stickers on backing paper scattered in the foreground. pairs of socks are lined up neatly in the background. The stickers have prominent text reading “I GAVE” and feature a ring around the outside. Most of the other text in the stickers is not legible, but UArts’ mission (“Advancing Human Creativity”) is aligned with the bottom-half of the ring and the Day of Giving motto (“One Day. One Gift.”) is aligned with the top. The socks are mostly black with colo

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To support the next generation of creatives who follow in your footsteps, consider making a gift to UArts today. Every gift, no matter the dollar amount, makes a difference. You can designate your gift to support any area across UArts that is meaningful to you.

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The Office of Alumni and Parent Relations is located in Hamilton Hall on the corner of Broad and Pine streets and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday.