portrait of olivia jia in painting studio

BFA ‘17

Painting (BFA in Fine Arts)

My time in Fine Arts (Painting) gave me the technical and conceptual foundations that I rely on in my studio practice today. My faculty were extremely supportive and helped me grow as an artist—and now as an alum, they continue to be my friends and mentors.


painting by olivia jia, depicting photos of a vase, a bird, a galaxy, a moonlit flower on torn-out book pages laid on a shattered pane of glass. the image is a dusky blue near-monochrome.
painting by olivia jia depicting an open book on a workplace with a triangle measure and a few loose sheets. the book is open to an image of two white owls on the left page and a silhouette of a tree against a moonlit sky on the right. the image is rendered in dusky dark blue and gray tones