Albert M. Greenfield Makerspace

Unique to UArts

The University of the Arts’ Albert M. Greenfield Makerspace is a 3,500-square-foot digital and traditional fabrication studio that brings together the entire university community and serves as a catalyst for the collaboration, experimentation and innovation that’s characteristic of UArts.

The Makerspace houses state-of-the-art digital and analog equipment that allows students to create virtually anything they can imagine. It is outfitted with

  • 3-D printers and scanners;
  • a router and a mill;
  • laser, vinyl and substrate cutters;
  • printed circuit board (PCB) and decal printers;

and much more.

Other key components of the Makerspace at UArts are the social environment of creativity and risk that is created, and the peer-to-peer learning that’s fostered as studio makers work side by side and share knowledge and techniques.

The Greenfield Makerspace also helps promote market‐oriented product development and supports multidisciplinary teaching, learning and entrepreneurship to further advance creativity and innovation.