A birght blue background with a family in the forefront. All of thier faces are scratched off as if the paper is torn. At the top of the image is a hot pink bar that reads “Hot Cold Shower” in different fonts, as if cut out of a magazine.

Hot Cold Shower

A birght blue background with a family in the forefront. All of thier faces are scratched off as if the paper is torn. At the top of the image is a hot pink bar that reads “Hot Cold Shower” in different fonts, as if cut out of a magazine. In hot pink at the bottom is reads “By Rose Farrell // Directed by Nora Gair”.
Image by Lin Agullo

Hot Cold Shower           

by Rose Farrell  

Directed by Nora Gair        


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Rose Farrell (Playwright)(she/her) is a young playwright and director creating new work relying on extremes and contradictions, using comedy and horror tropes with a trans/queer lens. Writing credits include The Clownssacre (Gameplay Theater Lab), Seities (University of the Arts), and Aluminum Barbie (University of the Arts). 

Nora Gair (Director)

Raina Jackson (Assistant Director, Assistant Stage Manager)(she/her), DPP Graduating '24

Cali Wagner (Stage Manager)(she/her) is a Senior DPP at University of the Arts focusing in Stage Management. She is excited to graduate in a few weeks and thanks everyone in this show and school for their hard work and wonderful opportunities.

V Perlah-Hard (Assistant Stage Manager)

Amanda Carano (Costume Designer)

Maggie-Kate Coleman (DPP Mentor)

Nick Embree (Set Designer)

Allison Freels (Prop Head)

Thom Weaver (Lighting Designer)

Alex Dembner (Sound Designer)

Anna Ryabova (Assistant Technical Director)

J. Alex Cordaro (Stage Combat/Blood Consultant)



Oliver Chase Marten (Monty)(he/him/his) is a Junior Acting major. Past UArts credits include Visiones del Cuerpo (Mind) and All At Once: 40th Anniversary Remaster. Oliver would like to thank his partner, his amazing parents, wonderful family, and great friends. He would also like to thank the incredible cast, creative team, and crew of Hot Cold Shower! @oliverxchase

Carl Bright-Walck (Austin) is an Acting major and Junior at the University of the Arts. He is the Creative Director for the Chicken Noodle Troupe, and finds time to play instruments when he can. Carl is silly. Carl spends a good deal of time, in a state of silliness. This an important thing to know about Carl. Carl would like to thank his mother Peggy, his father Scott, and his two siblings Dan and Jodi, for their continued support in his acting career. Goodbye.

Angel Dionne Fisher (Antonia)(she/they) She is a Junior at University of the Arts and is thrilled to be working on this production! Some favorite credits include Rent (Angel Dumott Schunard), Little Shop of Horrors (The Plant), The Drowsy Chaperone (The Chaperone), and Urinetown (Cladwell). Thank you to Nora, Callie, Rose, Raina and this amazing cast for making this an awesome experience!

Roz Cramer (Houston/Grandpa) is a director, playwright, me ceramicist taking a dip back into the world of acting. They have loved getting to work with such a great piece, cast and creative team.

M. Rayne Smith (Christi/Mark/Mel) M. Rayne Smith is a Junior Directing, Playwrighting, and Production major and is thrilled to be making their *official* Brind School debut by returning to their Texas roots. Previously at UArts, she did a brief stint assistant director/ actor understudy switcheroo for All At Once. Rayne couldn't be more proud or grateful to Rose for writing a fan-flying-tastic script- it's been amazing to watch it grow up!

Lindsey Coffey (Dal/Sierra)(she/her) is a Senior Musical Theater major and is going to close out her time at UArts by performing in this wonderfully wild piece by Rose Farrell. Other credits include Head Over Heels (Philoclea), Something Rotten (Portia) and Family Undone (Diedre). Thank you to the production team, cast and everyone else involved in this process! Peace out. 

Cessie Yu Ling (Angel/Taylor)(he/they/she) Cessie is a Sophomore at UArts, and this is his first show on campus. He is an artist of many mediums. He teaches painting classes at Painting with a Twist, and even has his own business making custom bags, backpacks, and purses. He hopes to continue working in Philadelphia after graduating, focusing on work in immersive theatre. 


University of the Arts

David Yager, President and CEO

Kikau Alvaro, Interim Dean, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts

Aanika Allen, Assistant Dean, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts

Madison Claus, Senior Administrative Assistant

Krista Apple, Interim Program Director, Acting

Fadi Skeiker, Interim Program Director, Directing, Playwriting and Production

Thom Weaver, Interim Program Director, Theater Design & Technology

Jacob Brent, Interim Program Director, Musical Theater

Quinn Bauriedel, Program Director, Pig Iron School MFA in Devised Performance


Nick Embree, Associate Professor 

Sarah Sanford, Assistant Professor 

Amy Dugas Brown, Assistant Professor

Rob Tucker, Visiting Assistant Professor

Leah Walton, Visiting Assistant Professor 


Lindsay Cram, Associate Producer

Joe Fasciano, Technical Director

Troy Martin-O’Shia, Production Electrician 

Larry Fowler, Sound Practicum Instructor

Chris Haig, Technical Practicum Instructor

Rebecca Kanach, Costume Practicum Instructor

Angela Jenkins, SM Mentor