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Portfolio & Audition Requirements

This is your moment to showcase your talents.

Admission to UArts relies on a sample of your talent and abilities, whether they are highlighted through an audition, a portfolio or a writing sample. Depending on which program you apply to, you will be asked to submit a portfolio of your work, demonstrate your abilities through a virtual or in-person audition day, schedule an interview with a faculty member, or engage in a combination of these activities. This process also helps us determine your scholarship eligibility.

Undergraduate Portfolio & Audition Requirements by Program

We can’t wait to review your work! Choose your major to view specific audition information, including submission deadlines and tips like what to wear to your dance audition or how to structure your writing portfolio.


Undergraduate Audition & Interview Dates

Undergraduate performing arts applicants will select an audition date through their applicant portal after submitting an application. There are no prescreening requirements. Applicants to all Dance, Music and Theater programs are required to complete an audition or interview before they will receive an admissions decision. UArts hosts both on-campus and virtual audition days.

  • Dec. 9th, 2023 (on campus)
  • Jan. 27th, 2024 (on campus)
  • Feb. 24th, 2024 (on campus)
  • March 9th, 2024 (virtual)
  • March 23rd, 2024 (on campus)

Students who apply after all audition days have passed will be required to upload audition materials to their applicant portal for an asynchronous review. In addition, programs might contact those applicants to schedule an interview.

Auditions that are completed at other events, such as Unified, Dance Alliance, etc., might fulfill admissions audition requirements. Contact Admissions at if you have any questions about a completed offsite audition.

Graduate Portfolio & Audition Requirements

Most graduate programs require a sample of work or a program-specific written piece. Find your program to review all graduate admission requirements, including portfolio and audition requirements. 

Find your graduate program.


Graduate Audition & Interview Dates

Graduate applicants will be contacted by their program to schedule an interview. Interviews may take place in person or by phone or Zoom.

MFA in Devised Performance applicants may complete their audition through URTA (University Resident Theatre Association) events or UArts-hosted audition days. Dates for Devised Performance auditions are available here.

Pre-College Summer Institute

Portfolio & Audition Requirements by Program

We can’t wait to review your work! Choose your program below to view specific audition, essay or portfolio requirements.

Note: An audition video is required for Dance and Music applicants. Recordings and notations of compositions or songs is required for Music Composition & Songwriting students. An essay is required for Music Industry applicants. For all other programs, applicants must submit either an essay or examples of their creative work.

What to Expect

Students applying to University of the Arts must share work and performances that best demonstrate their skills, experience, conceptual approaches and creative voices. We’re looking forward to seeing your work and getting to know you as an artist and future student at UArts! 

Portfolio formats, audition requirements and application expectations will vary among visual arts, writing and performing arts programs, as well as by degree level. Whether you are applying as a filmmaker, an actor, a painter, a dancer, a writer or a musician; or as an undergraduate, graduate or pre-college student, here are a few things to expect and keep in mind while compiling your portfolio submission or preparing for your audition or interview.

  • Be sure to read the requirements for your desired program and choose work that best represents what you do, who you are and what excites you. Portfolio or audition requirements vary by program, so check with your target program for the specifics of what to include. 
  • Assessing your portfolio or audition gives us insights into your personality, and asking questions about your creative process gives us a better understanding of you as an artist—so choose your best work.
  • If you’re unsure about what to include in your undergraduate portfolio submission, register for a portfolio review. As a prospective student, you can share your material, consult about what work would be the right fit and strategize how to best represent your body of work—and more importantly, yourself! Note: Informal reviews do not count toward your application and are only meant as helpful guidance for completing your final application. 
  • Email if you need any support compiling and sharing your materials, accessing your portfolio or virtual audition submission or labeling your work.