Writing Portfolios

Your writing samples help us see your abilities, insight and potential as a writer at UArts.


Creative Writing Portfolio Requirements

Our Creative Writing program emphasizes the craft of writing, so all applicants are required to submit a portfolio of original written work and an essay responding to a specific creative writing prompt. These materials help us understand your writing ability, insight, originality and range, as well as your potential.

  • Portfolio: The portfolio should total 10–15 pages and must include at least two different pieces of writing. Writings may include poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction and excerpts from short stories or novels. Applicants submitting poetry must also submit some prose.

  • Essay: The portfolio should also include a 150–200 word essay responding to the prompt "Describe an important window."


Screenwriting Portfolio Requirements

The Screenwriting program emphasizes the art and craft of cinematic storytelling, therefore, applicants are required to submit a portfolio of original written work that helps us gauge your abilities and potential. Your portfolio should demonstrate an aptitude for illustrating, through the written word, compelling characters, intriguing plots, and dynamic visuals. We also encourage you to submit film and video projects in which your creative work is primary, i.e. you wrote and/or directed the piece.

  • Portfolio

    • The portfolio should include at least two different writing samples. You may submit screenplays, plays, novels or short stories.

    • The total number of pages for both samples should not exceed 15 pages, double spaced. (If your works are longer, please excerpt the strongest portions.)

    • Screenplay submissions should be presented in screenplay format.

    • If you submit a film in addition to the writing samples, make sure to upload a statement detailing your creative role and duties. Films should not exceed 12 minutes.


Submit your portfolio via SlideRoom.