A student cuts out artwork using an X-Acto knife.

Art, Design & Film Portfolios

Demonstrate your strengths and experience in visual arts, design and film.

In order to continuously keep our community healthy, we are offering portfolio reviews by virtual appointment, at a National Portfolio Day, through remote live events or online submissions. The instructions for online submission can be found below, and if you have any questions, email admissions@uarts.edu or call 215-717-6049.

Portfolio Requirements

All students applying to visual arts programs are required to submit 15–20 examples of original artwork, which also includes animation, film, video and interactive media. See the accepted types of media section below for examples of artwork to consider including in your portfolio. You may choose to include work from a variety of media or select one area of focus you want to highlight. Your portfolio should demonstrate your creativity, showcase your skills, represent the art forms you have studied and highlight your ability to communicate ideas.

Submitting Your Portfolio

We encourage you to request a preliminary portfolio review before you officially submit your portfolio, with a UArts Admissions counselor, who will offer recommendations for enhancement prior to submissions. Preliminary reviews are offered Tuesday through Thursday at 11 a.m. or 4 p.m. (EST). Please share your portfolio via Google Doc link or website URL prior to your scheduled review.   You may also have a review during a National Portfolio Day

Register for a portfolio review.
Online Submission: Freshman and transfer applicants may submit a portfolio online via SlideRoom. Applicants may upload images (jpg), video (mov, wmv, flv) or PDF documents. For good image quality and fast upload, images should be sized no larger than 1280 x 1280 px @ 72 dpi. Video files must be kept under 20 MB. Our SlideRoom portal offers additional instructions for submitting work online. You must provide documentation of the work submitted, including a description of the concept, project or problem involved.

Learn about Creative Writing and Screenwriting portfolio requirements.

Accepted Types of Media

Below are examples of the types of media to consider including in your portfolio.

Click on the types of media to see examples.

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2-Dimensional Media Examples
  • Drawings from life: figure drawing, still life, landscape

  • Drawings in charcoal, ink, pastel, pencil, etc.

  • Paintings: oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc.

  • Sketchbooks/process books

  • Illustration, storyboards, character design, concept art

  • Prints: traditional (etching, monotypes, silkscreen, etc.) and digital

  • Design: posters, book covers, web graphics, use of typography

  • Collage, mixed media

  • Photography: traditional, digital, black and white, color

  • Screenshots from original animations, films, interactive media or video

For the School of Film, you may also submit up to five screenshots per project in the Time-based Media category to be counted as two-dimensional work.  

3-Dimensional Media Examples
  • Sculpture: metal, plaster, stone, wood, etc.

  • Crafts: ceramics, metals, textile design, fibers, glass, jewelry, furniture (wood)

  • Product and toy design

  • Book arts

  • Fashion, costume design

  • Extended media: architectural models, mixed media, model construction, set design

  • Installation: site-specific objects in the environment

Time-based Media Examples

For the School of Film, you may also submit up to five screenshots per project in this category to be counted as two-dimensional work.  

  • Animation production: individual and/or collaborative productions

  • Film/video production: individual and/or collaborative productions. State your role in the production.

  • Interactive media

  • Website authoring: site design, site graphics