Distance Auditions & Interviews

Auditioning during a scheduled remote audition day is preferred, unless unique circumstances or your time zone prevent you from participating. In the event that you can’t make it to one of our audition dates, you can request an exception from the Office of Admissions. In that instance, you can submit a video recording of your audition. If your request is approved, follow the specific audition and interview submission instructions listed below. Recorded auditions should be submitted via the GetAcceptd online submission platform.

Overview & Format

Your audition will consist of two parts: a live workshop style class and interview through Zoom and the review of previously uploaded material.

Your live, virtual audition will begin with an overview of our school. It will then move into a workshop-style class combining techniques, which will include ballet, modern, improvisation, jazz and/or hip-hop. This class is taken as a group, but every effort is made to evaluate each dancer individually. Then you’ll participate in smaller group interviews and have a chance to meet with current students for a Q & A session.

Uploaded Materials

Before your live virtual audition, all materials should be uploaded through the Get Acceptd online submission platform. This includes

Your solo dance should be at least one minute in length and a maximum of two minutes. It should feature the area of dance in which you are most proficient and feels most comfortable, and may be choreographed by you or someone else. Your solo can be footage from a performance or recorded in a studio or an alternative location. Vimeo is the preferred platform for uploading, and we request you use a landscape view. Before you upload your audition footage, be sure to check for sound levels, framing, focus and lighting.

All Dance applicants are expected to attend one of our live virtual audition sessions, unless extenuating circumstances prevent you from doing so.

Audition Attire

Dress comfortably and wear clothing that allows for movement. Sensible attire includes leotards, footless tights, leggings, dance pants and tee shirts. Dance shoes can be worn (ballet shoes, jazz shoes, sneakers) but are not required.

Space Considerations

  • We do not expect you to audition in a studio. Many students and faculty will be moving in their bedrooms, living rooms, backyards, etc.
  • Try to find a space where you will have minimal interruptions and where you can reach your arms and legs in all directions, including while lying on the floor.
  • Before the virtual audition, test out where and how you can prop your computer/tablet so you can
    1. see your screen, and
    2. the image of your entire body can be viewed on screen.

UArts reserves the right to re-audition any applicant admitted on the basis of a submitted audition. In such cases, the university also reserves the right to reconsider and withdraw the original offer of admission or scholarship if necessary.