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COVID-19 update: All auditions will be conducted via online submission until further notice. Instructions for "Distance Auditions & Interviews" are included below.

Every student applying to performing arts programs must pass an entrance audition or interview. This measures not only the student's creative and expressive facility, but also the level of skill acquired. Students are asked to select their preferred audition or interview date when completing the application.

You will receive an email confirming your requested audition date within 48 hours of submitting the application. Please do not make travel arrangements until your audition date is confirmed. An application for admission must be submitted to the Office of Admissions at least 2 weeks prior to the requested Audition/Interview day.

Audition Dates

Overview & Format

The audition consists of two main parts: a workshop style class combining techniques, which will include ballet, modern, improvisation, jazz and hip-hop, followed by the sharing of a solo dance.

The workshop style class is taken as a group, but every effort is made to evaluate each dancer individually.

The solo dance should be at least one minute in length and a maximum of two minutes. The solo should feature the area of dance in which the applicant is most proficient and feels most comfortable. It may be choreographed by the applicant or someone else. Musical accompaniment, if any, must be provided by the applicant on smart phone or laptop. (Audio equipment will be provided by the School of Dance.)  

All Dance applicants are expected to audition and interview in person, unless extenuating circumstances preclude traveling to our on-campus or off-campus dates. In this instance, you may submit a video recording of your audition. Please see complete instructions under "Distance Auditions & Interviews," below.

Required Attire

All students should be comfortable and wear clothing that allows for movement. Sensible attire includes leotards, footless tights, leggings, dance pants and tee shirts.

Shoes: Ballet shoes, Jazz shoes and sneakers. Modern/improv portions will be barefoot.

Distance Auditions & Interviews

During this time of social distancing, we realize it might be difficult for you to film your audition videos in traditional studio spaces. If necessary, we encourage you to film yourself moving in alternative spaces such as basements, living rooms, outdoor spaces or any other space that's safe for you to move in. Your submission can include our original list of video requirements but can also be modified based on your space limitations. Submissions may also include past footage from a class or performance as long as we can clearly identify which person you are in the video. Please include a description of how to identify you in any applicable videos. We will notify you if we would like to see additional materials after viewing your submission.

Recorded auditions should be submitted via the GetAcceptd online submission platform. Vimeo is the preferred platform for uploading, and landscape view is requested. Before you send your audition footage, be sure to check for sound levels, framing, focus and lighting.

Please be sure to complete and upload the audition information form along with your audition materials to GetAcceptd.

All recorded dance auditions MUST include all items listed, in the order indicated below:

  1. Warm up section that includes both barre and floor work.
  2. Barre from both the front and side, showing demi and grand pliés, tendus, dégagés (battement jetés), ronds de jambes, grand battements, and developés (extensions) en croix.
  3. Center work should include small and large jumps, pirouettes, adagios and a modern or jazz combination, all filmed from the front.
  4. An across-the-floor combination of at least eight measures which includes leaps and turns.
  5. A solo dance presentation lasting approximately two minutes.
  6. In lieu of an interview, speak directly into the camera following your performance, telling us a little about yourself: your past and current dance activities and training, and your aspirations for the future, including career goals in dance.

The University reserves the right to re-audition any applicant admitted on the basis of a submitted audition. In such cases, we also reserve the right to reconsider and to withdraw, if necessary, the original offer of admission or scholarship.