It's true that our top-level faculty provides a rigorous arts, design and writing education. But UArts is much more: We're one of the only arts schools in the U.S. that make it possible for you to work and collaborate across traditional boundaries.

More than 20 minors are open to all students, so animators can study guitar, dancers can minor in photography, creative writers can take classes in illustration.

You're more than one thing. And so are we. UArts is home to more than 30 undergraduate areas of study that produce leaders and award-winners across every discipline each year in schools of Art, Dance, Design, Film, Music and Theater.

Areas of Study

That’s why UArts is called the Place of Choice. You can major in your major passion, while having at least 15 credits to explore other things you’re curious about—no matter what school or program they (or you) are in.

We have 23 minors that are open to all UArts students, too.*

Open to All Majors

Advertising Practices
Art History
Art Therapy
Creative Writing
Design, Art & Technology
Figurative Illustration
Film & Video
Film & Media Studies
Game Design
History of Visual Arts
Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
Painting & Drawing
Philosophy & Religion
Print Media
Studio Photography
Web & Mobile Design

Open to Related Majors

Art Education*
Music Education*
Musical Theater

*Students who complete the Art Education or Music Education minor may also be eligible to complete the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in just one additional year. Learn more about how you can complete a bachelor's degree, education minor and your master's degree in just 5 years.

5 Year BFA + MAT Art Education    5 Year BM + MAT Music Education

Our curriculum is designed not just to help you to find and flourish in your art but also to create the communities and contexts in which your art will live and thrive – today and tomorrow.

We are one of the only regionally accredited institutions in the U.S. that is solely dedicated to the visual, performing and communication arts.

We are one of the only schools in the country that allows you to take classes outside your major and cross between and among the fine arts, design, film, dance, music, theater and creative writing.

You will get a deep dive into your primary area of interest, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Science degree in one of 21 formal majors.

You will have a minimum of 15 free elective credits which can be used to:

  • Take additional classes in their primary area of interest,
  • Pursue or explore other creative interests in the arts, or
  • Minor in one of the 26 programs that are open to all students.

You will live and work side-by-side with your creative partners from all disciplines in the arts: your classmates, who are also your current and future collaborators and clients. Critical Studies courses further connect UArts students by offering courses in written communication, cutting-edge science, languages and dozens of other areas that will sharpen your critical thinking skills, writing and research abilities, knowledge of your creative discipline, and more.

Learn more about Critical Studies.


This program is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 

The PhD in Creativity

We’re doing something no one else has done—we’ve radically reconceived the PhD degree based on the premise that creative thinking lies at the heart of innovation in all fields.

A low residency degree for advanced interdisciplinary research in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

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All PhD programs require a dissertation that makes “an original contribution to knowledge.” Yet after steeping the candidate in the existing literature and methods, they offer no guidance on how to move beyond them. So as George Bernard Shaw famously wrote “progress depends on the unreasonable man” who changes rather than accepts established practices. 

At the University of the Arts, our PhD is about fundamentally changing the way our students think. We intend to use a deep immersion in the intuitive practices of the arts to seed a more creative working practice in students who come already prepared with the conventional methods and knowledge of whatever fields they work in. We seek students who have already achieved a professional mastery in some discipline and we prepare them to go to another level.

We show them how to be open to finding that moment when ideas that didn’t seem to have anything to do with one another suddenly come together to ask or answer a question, create a solution to a problem, produce a new invention. The complexity of problem solving in the arts, in their deliberate embrace of intuition, differs from scientific method. The arts can teach a practitioner in any field—in science, in medicine, in business, engineering, health care, the social sciences, innovators in the non-profit world, and even in the arts—to think more creatively.

Business entrepreneurs need to “think out of the box”; musicians need to do more than master the score; the statistical odds of a scientist winning a Nobel Prize triple if he or she has an avocational practice in the arts.

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By redefining the underlying approach to their practice, our graduates return to the work world equipped with deep expertise in an area they helped to define.
— Jonathan Fineberg, Director of The PhD

Pre-College Programs

Pre-College provides enrichment opportunities in visual arts, performing arts, and creative writing for students in grades 9–12 through programs that foster exploration and embolden students to think creatively and work collaboratively.

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Professional & Continuing Education (Adults & Educators)

Explore courses and certificates for adults, and professional development and graduate courses for K–12 educators.

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I didn't realize how easy it would be taking classes outside your major. The furniture classes in the crafts department are the best!
— Daniel Ng Film (BFA)

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