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Critical Studies

Critical Studies is where creative practice and critical reflection intersect. These courses are a common ground for all UArts students and offer a unique forum for exchanging ideas through different critical perspectives and approaches.  Critical Studies courses connect you with other students from all fields of study to discuss how to use critical thinking and creative insight in your artistic practice. A broad range of interdisciplinary courses will develop and deepen your critical thinking skills, communication and research toolkits, and understanding of the history and criticism of creativity.

About the Curriculum 


Critical Dialogue (CRIT) courses offer collaborative spaces for you to reflect from a variety of perspectives on issues central to creative endeavors and contemporary society.

Critical studies electives encourage you to follow your curiosity and choose your own adventure outside of your major. Learn a new language, build your business skill sets, go on a study away trip and more.

A simple argument shapes our writing classes: artists write — and artists in the 21st century need to write well. The First-Year Writing Program’s COMP classes will help you develop your ability to communicate effectively while expanding your critical and creative thinking horizons.

Our science offerings have one goal: to inspire your curiosity about the world around us all while introducing you to science concepts that can speak to and expand beyond your major. Explore diverse scientific fields through the anthropology (ANTH), psychology (PSYC), sociology (SOCI) and interdisciplinary science (SCIE) classes.

Total Critical Studies Credits Required: 30 - 33

Meet Some of our Faculty

In Critical Studies, you’ll learn from active scholars and artists from a wide array of artistic disciplines and academic fields.

Click the images below to meet faculty in the Critical Studies Program.

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Emily Mattingly

Anna Beresin
Anna Beresin

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Aimé Donna Kelly

BFA '09

Theater - Acting (BFA)
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Yakein Abdelmagid

Business Minor (15 credits)


This flexible minor offers students entry points for developing contemporary skill sets central to creative entrepreneurship or being a key part of a thriving business enterprise. With an emphasis on business for creative fields, the curriculum connects students to opportunities from across UArts to support diverse learning goals and professional trajectories.

Required courses:

Choose 12 credits from course options here. Some highlights of options include: