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Accessibility @ UArts

UArts is committed to providing equitable access under law and reducing barriers in our digital, learning and built environments. Accessibility@UArts strives to develop ways our diverse community of learners can enhance our academic environment and strengthen our strategic mission of advancing human creativity through inclusive design and practices. 


The goal of Accessibility@UArts is to identify barriers and take meaningful steps to promote social inclusion and an educational culture purposed for each member of our community to participate and thrive.


  • Shared responsibility across the university: ensuring equal opportunity and access to electronic and information technology is the responsibility of all university administrators, faculty and staff

  • Prioritizing user experience and usability over compliance

  • Understanding that barriers lie in the environment, not in variability among individuals

  • Measuring conformance quality, using standards such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or higher education best practices

  • Universal and inclusive design to leverage and support diversity in all forms of learning and engagement

Digital Accessibility and Practical How-To

UArts is committed to providing equal opportunity in its educational services, programs, and activities in accordance with federal law. Digital accessibility is the practice of removing barriers that prevent or impede access to digital materials by individuals with disabilities. Ensuring the sufficient accessibility of digital content at UArts helps to fulfill our mission of providing our community with equitable access to educational materials, interactions, and experiences.

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We are a supportive community committed to individual and artistic integrity and inclusion. We promote and respect self-expression, a wide range of ideas and diversity in all its forms.

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The Office of Educational Accessibility (OEA)

Students with a diagnosed medical, physical, psychological and/or learning-based disability may qualify for services and accommodations that aim to provide equal access to academic opportunities and programs across campus. Accommodations are provided unless doing so will fundamentally alter the nature of the program. OEA provides services and promotes independence and inclusion in all areas of university life.

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Event Accessibility

UArts makes every effort to ensure meetings and events sponsored by UArts are accessible to people with disabilities, and that all people are welcome and able to fully engage in programs and activities. Making sure that events are accessible benefits not only individuals with visible or known disabilities, but to all participants/attendees, including individuals with hidden disabilities and/or chronic health conditions, and people of all ages with a wide range of identities and characteristics.

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Accessibility@UArts Taskforce

The Accessibility@UArts Taskforce began in 2021 as a charge from senior members of leadership. The taskforce was designed to develop concrete recommendations for a plan that includes priorities, reasonable deliverables, and concrete measures; and establish a focus on accessibility that is integrated and sustained as part of the fabric of the operations at UArts.

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Accessibility Reporting

Report an accessibility concern


UArts is responsible for making reasonable accommodations in order to provide community members equal opportunities to participate in courses, programs, and activities, in accordance with federal and state laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), as amended, Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  If you require an accommodation, please contact us below:

For students 
The Office of Educational Accessibility

For faculty and staff 
Human Resources

For visitors 
Visitors who need accommodations should contact the person or department sponsoring the event you plan to attend.  If you are on campus and unable to access a physical location, contact Public Safety at 215-717-6666.

Emergency Preparedness
UArts Community Safety Guide