commencement 2023 in action, with rows of seated graduating students in caps and gowns. all are excited, exuberant, animated, many smiling and laughing and holding phones. the foreground is illuminated with a bright camera flash while the background is dark and blurry, streaked with warm light trails of an auditorium.

Mission & Values

Core Values

Integrity and Diversity
We are a supportive community committed to individual and artistic integrity and inclusion. We promote and respect self-expression, a wide range of ideas, and diversity in all its forms.

Excellence, Creativity and Passion
With a focus on excellence, we inspire, challenge and support the unconventional thinkers, dreamers and doers who are passionate about using their creative works to impact society.

Connections and Collaboration
We connect design and the performing, visual, communication and liberal arts in the classroom and the community, expanding artistic possibilities, outcomes and lives through creative collaboration.

Our Mission: To Advance Human Creativity

Our Mission Statement 
The University of the Arts is dedicated to advancing human creativity in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world.

We believe creativity is the true catalyst for social and economic change and the most essential skill for success in today’s society.

We deliver a diverse curriculum, grounded in critical inquiry and creative practice, which enables students to both explore and transcend different artistic disciplines.

We are committed to being the place of choice for thinkers, doers and dreamers—a constantly evolving university devoted to the art and science of creativity for a better world. 


This mission statement is an outcome of the university’s strategic planning process.

Learn more about UArts’ Strategic Plan.