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Being involved in campus life is a great way to enhance friendships, make new connections, and build a community on campus. Whether you are joining a club, participating in Emerging Leaders or helping to welcome students as a First Year Guide, there are multiple ways to make life-long connections. We have over 25 clubs and organizations, tons of events and activities that focus on many different areas of interest, leadership programs, student leader positions and so much more.

Connecting With Us

Campus Life will host a variety of events, activities, and programs throughout the year. We use the following methods to get the word out to you. Be sure to check them out regularly to stay up to date!

All residence halls and academic buildings have flyers posted on the bulletin boards and walls. These flyers are updated throughout the semester.

Student Activities Tile on the UArts App
Head to the Student Activities tile on the UArts App to see a listing of all upcoming student events, including events hosted by clubs and organizations. There you’ll find a description of the event as well as information about how to participate.
Don’t have the UArts App? You can download the UArts App by selecting one of these links:

After downloading the app, you will be prompted to enter your UArts email address, and then a verification code will be sent to your UArts email. Verification codes are valid for one hour (if you miss your code, you can generate a new verification code as needed). Enter the code, and then you’ll be registered as a user!  
Keepin’ Up with Campus Life Emails
Every Monday, you’ll get an email in your inbox titled “Keepin’ Up with Campus Life.” There we will highlight all of the events happening that week, include links to registration forms and links to Zoom or Google Meet sessions, if applicable. We’ll also advertise various opportunities for you to get involved or calls for artists. 

UArts Portal
Find a link to our Google calendar of events under the Student Activities tile on the UArts Portal.
Social Media
Follow @UArts_CampusLife on Instagram for reminders of upcoming events, highlights of events and more! 

Student Leader Positions

The Office of Campus Life has a few types of student leader positions. Each position has different roles and responsibilities and offers their own unique and rewarding experiences. Below is an overview of the positions:

  • Community Advisors (CA) work with the Pre-College program over the summer to host programs for Pre-College residents and ensure students have a safe and enjoyable summer.
  • First Year Guides (FYG) welcome new students into the UArts Community at New Student Orientation and assist with First Year Programs and UArts Day.
  • Resident Assistants (RA) RAs support students who live in the residence halls throughout the school year by providing them with programs to help build community. See a full job description by clicking this link: Resident Assistant Job Description.

Community Assistant

Community Assistants are student live-in staff members who serve as liaisons and resources within the campus community for the Pre-College students. The Community Assistant works with their residents and other residential staff members to create an environment in the residence halls that contributes to the social and cultural development of the members of the Pre-College community.

Hiring Process
Applications for the Community Assistant position are made available in early November and are emailed to students. In order to apply for the position, all applicants are required to attend an information session.

First Year Guide

First Year Guides (FYGs) are responsible for helping to welcome our new students every year at Orientation. They are assigned a group of new students at the start of Orientation and it is their role to help ensure that these new students feel welcomed and get connected on campus. They reach out to their group throughout the semester and participate in First Year Student programming, as well as serve as UArts Day leaders and help to make UArts Day a success!

Hiring Process
The FYG application becomes available in the beginning of the spring semester and requires two references from staff, faculty, or other student leaders. Students will be emailed from Campus Life with the position description and application link. All qualified applicants are required to attend a group interview day in March as well as individual interviews. All applicants will be notified if they have been selected to serve as a FYG via email by the end of March. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please email

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student live-in staff members who facilitate the development of the residence community, support the development of individual students, uphold the Code of Conduct, take a proactive role in maintaining safe residential facilities, take a broader leadership role within the University, participate in staff development and training, and perform administrative duties.

RAs positively shape the UArts’ on-campus living experience, while also enhancing their own leadership skills (including time management, interpersonal communication, budgeting, public speaking, and conflict mediation). Few campus employment opportunities provide students with the scope and depth of this position; RAs must be prepared for an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience where they can impact the lives of many students.

In line with these expectations, RAs' primary responsibilities are to build community among their residents and serve as a resource to the students living in their communities and in their residence hall. The residence life program depends on the strong performance of each staff member’s responsibilities and support of the overall team.

To see a full job description by clicking this link: Resident Assistant Job Description.

Hiring Process
Applications for the Resident Assistant position are made available in early December and are emailed to students. To apply for the position, students should fill out the application and have their reference fill out a reference form. 

Connect with Campus Life

The Campus Life team is full of staff that are passionate about creating a welcoming community for all UArts students and strive to make the experience outside of the classroom memorable and impactful. 
Have a question about how to get involved, start a club or org, or want to pitch an idea for a program? Email to set up a meeting to discuss it!

Kristen Burkett

Senior Director for Student Engagement

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Director for Student Activities

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Director for Residence Life & Housing

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New Student Programming Coordinator

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Area Coordinator

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Diversity & Inclusion Programming Coordinator

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