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UArts Unicorns

Meet Arty, UArt's Official Mascot

One Team. One Dream. One Horn. Unicorn!

For several years, UArts students have requested that the unicorn be officially recognized as the university’s mascot. Now, those wishes have been granted! Our mythical mascot is already evolving, with some exciting new adventures coming later this fall.

Representatives from the UArts community worked together to develop Arty. We took suggestions for names from all students, faculty and staff. By popular demand, Arty (they/them) came to life.

So, why a unicorn?

In addition to being one of the most beloved mythical beasts in the universe, “unicorn” is often used to describe people who truly stand out, who are deeply talented in numerous areas, who see the world differently and who encourage others to see it that way, too.

Unicorns are unique individuals.

They’re explorers and creators.
They’re motivated and curious.
They’re talented and driven.

Look out for Arty and some new student traditions throughout the academic year.

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