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Graduate Admissions

Creative individuals are never done growing.

Our graduate programs provide an opportunity for you to master new skills, set new goals and grow as an artist. Application for admission into graduate programs is selective and based on a comprehensive assessment of your prior academic achievement and artistic presentation, demonstrated through a portfolio submission, in-person audition or a writing sample.

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You're about to take your talent to the next level. Our step-by-step admissions process is outlined on each program's page.

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Get to know the numerous and varied graduate programs at UArts by attending our events.

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Graduate Student Resources

UArts offers a dynamic and supportive environment to help you pursue your goals and aspirations across a broad range of artistic and educational fields. Supportive faculty, unique facilities and incredible peers will give you the depth and breadth to effect change and chart your own professional path.

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Tuition, Scholarships & Financial Aid
Cost shouldn't be a hindrance to creativity. When you're pursuing your dreams and applying to graduate school, it's important to explore all financial aid options.