Unnamed Dustbowl Play

The Dust Bowl is one of the single most infamous periods in United States history. The cataclysmic combination of the greatest financial crisis the U.S. has ever experienced and a monumental environmental disaster made life hell on earth for those unlucky enough to live through it.

The play uses this tragic period as the setting for the coming-of-age story of a young girl who struggles with nearly crippling visions of a presence she often sees in the dust. Living in a once small (now virtually non-existent) settlement, the newly orphaned child is taken in by the ladies of a nondescript cathouse therein. To see this tragedy through the eyes of a child may shine a new light on the day-to-day mundanity that made up so many lives. The routines that went along with this episode in history were specific and taxing, yet many persevered.

By Rebecca Smith ’21 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)
Directed by Rebecca Wright
An online workshop
Presentation date TBD