Students on stage for an Equinox performance ("Boxed", 2019). A student stands in the background, center stage, with her arms crossed. The other students are looking over their shoulders at her: a student seated at the far left looks over her shoulder wearing a tan dress; directly behind her a student is leaning back in his chair with a book or laptop in his hands. A third student on the left, but closer to the center, is wearing a multi-colored sweater; the last student is on the right with a plaid shirt.

About the Brind School of Theater Arts

The Ira Brind School of Theater Arts is committed to training you to collaborate creatively with students, faculty and visiting artists, preparing you for the communal, cooperative work of the theater industry through its BFA programs in 


A minor in Musical Theater is available for select students. 

The Brind School also offers a graduate certificate and an MFA in Devised Performance program. Learn more about Devised Performance

The Brind School trains you to be a whole artist: Graduates are as prepared to work on Broadway as they are to create and produce a completely new work. You will develop skills and an expanded point of view, graduating as a fearless, innovative and adaptable creator, ready to engage the medium, communities and the world with a strong sense of yourself as a citizen artist.

UArtists graduate prepared to make significant cultural contributions; perform, design and stage productions of all sizes; create work for diverse communities and public spaces; and effect social change through their self-expression.

We celebrate acting instruction as the focal point of training in both the Acting and Musical Theater programs and emphasize vocal and physical training as principal support areas. Our Theater Design and Technology and Directing, Playwriting and Production programs also focus on techniques supported by extended collaborative learning opportunities in production.

Through its dozens of performances each year—including the annual Polyphone Festival of New and Emerging Musicals—the Brind School provides ample opportunities for students across all its programs to practically develop their craft. We present an annual season of work which includes projects led by students, faculty and renowned guest artists from the national and local theater scenes. Auditions are open to all Brind School students.

At UArts, you’ll also be able to collaborate with other artists of all kinds: visual artists, dancers, animators, musicians, filmmakers, designers, writers and multidisciplinary student artists. As well as being immersed in an environment that values and nurtures creativity and the revelations that experimentation brings, you’ll have access to a myriad of tools and resources you can bring into your practice. 

UArts features numerous performance spaces that vary in size. Learn more about performance spaces on campus.

Kate Flannery ’87 (Acting) recounts how attending UArts opened a world of creative potential.  

Brind School of Theater Arts Leadership

A tight closeup of Kikau Alvaro in a blue and khaki checked shirt
Kikau Alvaro

Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
Interim Dean
A headshot of Krista Apple, wearing a black shirt and against a gray, textured background.
Krista Apple

Theater - Acting (BFA)
Program Director, Acting
Jacob Brent in a blue shirt against a gray background with his arms folded over his chest
Jacob Brent

Theater - Musical Theater (BFA)
Interim Program Director, Musical Theater
Amy Dugas Brown head shot
Amy Dugas Brown

Theater - Directing, Playwriting & Production (BFA)
Program Director, Directing, Playwriting and Production
thom weaver seen in profile wearing a green track jacket, gray baseball cap and a headset microphone wrapping around from behind his face to his mouth. He has a gray beard and black glasses, and is in a dimmed theater like space against a background of aisle seating with out of focus people in the background
Thom Weaver

Theater Design & Technology (BFA)
Interim Program Director, Theater Design and Technology

UArts' BFA in Acting program

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UArts' BFA in Directing, Playwriting and Production program

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UArts' BFA in Musical Theater program

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UArts' Theater Design and Technology program

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