Amy Dugas Brown head shot

Theater - Directing, Playwriting & Production (BFA)

Amy is a professor, director, dramaturg and producer. She is the program head of Directing, Playwriting and Production at UArts. Her artistic work is driven by curiosity, whimsy and an unrelenting interest in the human condition.

Amy’s favorite job is teaching the next generation of theatre makers. She spent 10 seasons as Associate Artistic Director at the award-winning regional theater company Arden Theatre Company ( She has helped 15 new plays grow from workshop to full production, including published plays Opus and Tooth and Claw, by Michael Hollinger, and Wittenberg, by David Davalos.

She’s currently building an inclusionary theater ensemble that is working on a new piece about toxic masculinity and identity in America.  Amy was the director of artistic programs at the Brain Behavior Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania’s Division of Neuropsychiatry and, curator of Caroline Conversations (a series of free community events supported by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and Samuel S. Fels Fund).

She is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University and is an Ann Shaw Fellow. Her favorite job is teaching the next generation of theater makers.

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