Red brick wall with an old brown television in front, on top of a brown stand. There is a purple glow to the TV, and in multiple fonts and bright colors it says "Andrew Miqueli is... Getting By with a Little Help from My Friends". On a dark strip it reads underneath "Caplan Studio Theater Nov. 19, 21 2021 7:30 p.m. and Nov. 20, 2021 2 p.m.".

Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends

Red brick wall with an old brown television in front, on top of a brown stand. There is a purple glow to the TV, and in multiple fonts and bright colors it says "Andrew Miqueli is... Getting By with a Little Help from My Friends". On a dark strip it reads underneath "Caplan Studio Theater Nov. 19, 21 2021 7:30 p.m. and Nov. 20, 2021 2 p.m.".

Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends

Created and Directed By Andrew Miqueli


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Special Guests

Sam Garcia

Symphony Yvonne (Stand Up)(she/they) is a Senior Acting major. Past UArts credits include Men on Boats, Bodies and Bones, Revolt She Said Revolt Again and Participation Not Included. External credits include The Rose Garden in the Fringe Festival and Woebegone at the Painted Bride for the Solstice Series. Special thanks to everyone who worked on Getting By with A Little Help, it has been such a pleasure collaborating with you all!

Brennah Leone (Bren) (Musical Guest)(she/her) is a Senior Directing, Playwriting, + Production major. Follow @bren_leone on instagram for music release updates. Bren sends a million hugs and thanks to Andy and the entire team for showcasing her as her own music artist live for the first time.

Josh Turner (Guitar)

Satchel Schwartz (Drums)


Production Team

Andrew Miqueli (Creator & Director)(he/him) is a Senior Playwriting major with a Screenwriting minor. An artist with a deep love for developing work that lives in absurdity, Andrew has a number of credits that range from off-off broadway to short films. Endless thanks to his family and friends.

Raina Jackson (Artistic & Production Assistant)(Artistic & Production Assistant)(she/her) is a Sophomore Directing, Playwright, Production major. Pass UArts credits include Assistant Stage Managing The Blazing World. Special thanks to Amy Dugas-Brown and Andrew Miqueli for giving me this opportunity.

Joe Britt-Simpson (Artistic & Production Assistant)(he/him) is a sophomore Directing, Playwriting, and Production major from South Jersey. Balancing performance as well as production, Joe is a multidisciplinary artist with interests in acting, directing, filming, and writing. Past UArts Credits include Toothache (Artistic Assistant) and I Want A Country (Ensemble). Joe is beyond amazed by the talent of everyone who has worked on the project and can’t wait to share the phenomenal work their team has done.

Christine DiJoseph (Artistic & Production Assistant)

M. Rayne Smith (Production Management) is a Sophomore DPP. Some of her past UArts credits include dramaturgy for Bodies and Bone, and assistant stage managing on Will: A Cover Up, and I Want A Country. This is her Stage Management debut and she would like to thank her wonderful team and Andy for supporting her throughout the process.

Sam Garcia (Artistic Consultant)

Alison Sahler (Artistic Consultant)

Helen St. Cyr (Artistic Consultant, Emotional Support White Woman)(she/her) is a Senior Musical Theater major. Past UArts credits include Pump to Pump, Participation Not Included and Marie in Tomorrow Land. Many thanks to the entire production team and Phoebe & Friends.

Rebecca Kanach (Costume Coordinator)

Sarah Court (Set Design) is a senior Theater Design & Technology major focusing in scenic design & scenic painting. This is her first in-person set design as a lead designer, and she is very grateful to have had such a supportive, kind, and fun team to collaborate with. Sarah would like to thank everyone involved who made the project so enjoyable and would especially like to thank Andy & Rayne. Check out more of Sarah's work on her website:

Calvin Anderson (Lighting Design)(he/they) is a lighting and projection designer. They move towards the devised, radical and risky, while leaning in with heart and trust. Career highlights include The Method Gun, Late Night Snacks, and Oscar at the Crown. Calvin is resident designer with FJK Dance, an educator, mentor and proud member of Wingspace Theatrical Design and United Scenic Artists Local 829.

Christopher Colucci (Sound Design)

Mike DeVito (Assistant Sound Design)

Michael Long (Projection Design)(he/him) is a filmmaker and projection designer working in the Philadelphia area. Projection design credits include: Tommy and Me (Theatre Exile), The 2019 Barrymore Awards, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (Temple University), Eureka Day (InterAct Theatre), and The Rape of Lucretia (Curtis Institute). For more information, visit

Sophie Smyczek (Production Electrician)(she/her) is a Senior Design-Tech Major. She also has experience in stage management and programming. Sophie is interested in electrics work of any kind: theater, concerts, sports, etc. and would love to go on tour in the future. Check out to see more of her work.

Phoenix Leigh (Props Head)

Allison Neiheser (Assistant Props)


Film Credits


Dallas Jimmar (Voiceover)

Rayne Smith (Producer)

Vanesa Gomez (Teedee)

Anthony Vazquez (Chartreuse)

Jordan Eck (Kyler)

Jack Hopewell (Hans)

Collin McHugh (Jacob)

Sam Bilello (Videographer, Editor)

Rebecca Kanach (Costumer)



Lina Batista (Abuela)

Roberto Delgado (Father)

Sam Garcia (Maya)

Audrey Johnson (Mia)

Joe Britt-Simpson (Videographer)(See Under Production Team)

Jack Thornley (Editor)(they/them) is a Junior Film+Animation major and Screenwriting minor.

Sarah Court (Set Dresser)

Rebecca Kanach (Costumer)



Caroline O’Connell (Therapist)

Symphony Yvonne (Velma)(See Under Special Guests)

Jordan Eck (Fred)

Josh Turner (Shaggy)

Liv Semel (Daphne)

Sam Bilello (Videographer, Editor)

Rebecca Kanach (Costumer)



Alison Sahler (Voiceover, Friend 3)

Christine DiJoseph (Friend 1)

Raina Jackson (Friend 2)

Amy Chen (High Schooler 1)

Bria Francesca (High Schooler 2)

Symphony Yvonne (City Girl)(See Under Special Guests)

Andrew Miqueli (Passerbyer)

Camryn Harrigan (Singer)

Joe Britt-Simpson (Dancer)(See Under Production Team)

Anna Caccavaro (Dancer)

Emma Ellis (Dancer)

Sydney Lennon (Dancer)

Jack Thornley (Videographer, Editor)(See Under Abuela Got High)

Sarah Court (Props and Plates Designer) 

Symphony Yvonne (Choreographer)(See Under Special Guests)



Julia Rankin (Emma)

Jeffrey Bare (Harry)

Rose Pell (Linda)

Alison Sahler (Danny)

Jack Thornley (Videographer)(See Under Abuela Got High)

Hayden Eric (Editor) is a Sophomore Directing, Playwriting, & Production major. Past production credits include Shakespeare’s Will (Lost Nation Theater), Sound of Music (Northern Stage), and NYC’s Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit.

Phoenix Leigh (Prop Designer)

Sarah Court (Set Dresser)



Audrey Johnson (Narrator)

Joe Britt-Simpson (the Owner)(See Under Production Team)

Emma Parsons (the Mouse)

Andrew Miqueli  (Videographer, Editor)

Rebecca Kanach (Costumer)



Christine DiJoseph (Caralee)

Daniel Burgess (Robert)

Helen St.Cyr (Kristen)(See Under Production Team)

Andrew Miqueli (Videographer)

Joe Britt-Simpson (Editor)(See Under Production Team)

Sarah Court (Props Design)

Christine DiJospeh (Costumer)



Daniel Burgess (Nate) 

Jordy Young (Nancy) 

Sam Bilello (Videographer, Editor)

Sarah Court (Set Dresser)

Christine DiJospeh (Costumer)



Kashmir Reed (Leader)

India Boone (Veronica)

Aaron Garrett (Stevie)

Dallas Jimmar (Greg)

Noelani Montas (Ashley)

Raina Jackson (Member)

Symphony Yvonne  (Member)(See Under Special Guests)

Jack Thornley (Videographer, Editor)(See Under Abuela Got High)


University of the Arts

David Yager, President and CEO 

Kym Moore, Dean, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts 

Aanika Allan, Assistant Dean, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts 

Justin Luján, Program Director, Acting 

Amy Dugas Brown, Program Director, Directing, Playwriting, and Production 

Kikau Alvaro, Program Director, Musical Theater 

Natalie Robin, Program Director, Theater Design and Technology 

Quinn Bauriedel, Program Director, Pig Iron School MFA in Devised Performance 


Krista Apple, Assistant Professor 

Nick Embree, Associate Professor 

Sarah Sanford, Assistant Professor 

Fadi Skeiker, Associate Professor 

Rob Tucker, Visiting Assistant Professor 

Leah Walton, Visiting Assistant Professor 

Madison Claus, Senior Administrative Assistant 

Lindsay Cram, Associate Producer 


Matt Groeneveld, Technical Director 

Troy Martin-O’Shia, Production Electrician 

LeVonne Lindsay, Costume Shop Manager 

Larry Fowler, Sound Practicum Instructor


Content Disclosures: 

References to drug use and mentions of death.