A spray painted background with a mix light blue, pink, and white paint. Around the paint are handdrawn faces. In the front, in black spraypainted writing reads “Alchemic Oddities Curated by Robyn Honabach (She/Her) Hosted by Allyria Everlasting.”

Alchemic Oddities

A spray painted background with a mix light blue, pink, and white paint. Around the paint are handdrawn faces. In the front, in black spraypainted writing reads “Alchemic Oddities Curated by Robyn Honabach (She/Her) Hosted by Allyria Everlasting.”

Alchemic Oddities

Curated by Robyn Honabach


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Angel Dionne (she/they) | Angel Money (she/they/he) is a junior at the University of the Arts and is thrilled to be working on this production! Some favorite credits include Rent (Angel Dumott Schunard), Little Shop of Horrors (The Plant), The Drowsy Chaperone (The Chaperone), and Urinetown (Cladwell). Thank you to Robyn, Gio, Allyria, Emma, Kai, and this amazing cast for making this an awesome experience!

Jaye Frazier (they/he/she) | Hyper Poppy (they/them) is a Junior Acting major. This is their UArts debut and first live drag performance. Regional credits: A Midsummer Nights Dream (Synetic Theater) and Romeo and Juliet (Synetic Theater). Thank you to the cast, crew, and friends for their support.

Ronnie Lee (they/she) | Ronnie Marie (she/they) is a Senior Musical Theatre major. Past UArts include Head Over Heals, La Vida Luka, and Kill The Whale. Professional: Performer with RWS Entertainment, Teaching Artist at Music Theatre Philly.

Z Murphy (she/they) | The Zany Thing (she/they) is a multidisciplinary Junior Creative Writing major. In a The ZanyThing performance, expect the inevitable, but still find yourself surprised. Expect theatre. Expect silly. Expect sex. The ZanyThing is the current reigning Mx. Dragged into Pageant winner. She thanks blood&chosen fam, Robyn, crew, cast, Dolly. Find them @thezanything.


Production Team

Robyn Honabach (Director)(she/her) is a Senior DPP major. Robyn has been an Assistant director on both Crimson Lit, and Pop! (UArts). Robyn is also a working Drag artist in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Robyn hates doing bios fun fact. Robyn thinks they are dumb so the real question Robyn is gonna ask is: divas are you actually reading this? like why? you should be getting a drink or food, talk to a loved one, get some money to tip these artists. have a fun time. live your life god bless

Allyria Everlasting (Host and Mentor)(she/her) is a professional drag queen here in Philadelphia and is the host of the show. She started drag back in august of last year and has taken off since. She has performed in New Jersey and is soon to make her NY debut mid December. She was first alternate (runner up) in the only Philly night life competition series Snatcherella3000 and will be competing on the 12th in the Rhinestone Jetski Pageant. She has hosted dragarama, transcend, a one time show entitled clickbate, and just closed out her weekly brunch in November at cockatoo.

Gio Coppola (Stage Manager)(he/him) is a Sophomore Musical Theatre major and so happy that this beautiful curation of trans joy is his first stage management gig. When he's not telling Robyn that she should start rehearsal and not be hanging upside down on the set lipsyncing to FKA Twigs, he's performing, writing, and taking photos (check them out in the lobby!) Thank you all for coming to support this amazing production!

Kai Scott (Assistant Stage Manager)(they/them) is a Junior Acting major with a minor in Photography. Part UArts credits include I Want A Country, Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea (Assistant Stage Manager), and Woyzeck.

Emma Price (Assistant Stage Manager)(she/they) is a double major in Musical Theater and DPP (Directing, Playwriting and Production). Past UArts credits include This Beautiful City (Ensemble), Will: A Coverup (Will/James) and Overgrown (Story Team Member).

Hayden Eric (Scenic and Props)(he/him) is a Junior DPP who loves sexy backlight and mysterious entrances. Other times he’s built and designed things at the Brind include Equinox 2022 (Assoc.) and clusterpuck! a midsummer night’s (fever) dream. Past production experience includes Grounded Aerial, NYC’s Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit, and Genie’s Secret Bazaar. @hydneric | hydneric.com

Amanda Carano (Costume Designer)(she/her)

Manny Garcia-Castro (Lighting Designer)(he/him) is a Junior Design Theater & Technology major. Past UArts Lighting Design credits include A Little Death, Nonmonogamy, Cerebral, A Psychic Investigation Into the Death of Someone I Once Knew, and Everybody. Past UArts Assistant Lighting Design include Ballyturk, We're Gonna Die, Crimson Lit, Dear Mr.C, and *Head Over Heels*. Manny is Self Proclaimed Loser in a good way. *Unofficial

V Perlah Hard (Sound Designer)(they/them)

Teayra Bowden (Season Dramaturg)(she/her)


Set List

  1. Allyria’s Bree Runway Mix: Electrifying puss pussy meow meow combo piece.

  2. Wap Mix: Come find the power in the intersectionality of comedy and sex told from an AFAB genderqueer perspective. Content disclosures: usage of some swear words, sexual innuendos. Sexual words. 

  3. Psycho Mix: Get lost in the colorful, sweet picnic that takes an unexpected turn. Content disclosures: sudden loud noises, use of a bottle of alcohol as a threatening weapon, teddy bear decapitation.

  4. Dark Times: A reflection on “being in the closet” both publicly and privately, coming to terms with your pride and gender identity, and the ever-evolving journey. Content disclosures: alluding to being in the closet, love and loss, sadness.

  5. Immaterial: For the end of act one, we invite you to the biggest farce of a gender reveal party. Flipping drag, camp, and gender reveal party stereotypes on their heads. Content disclosures: Possible light overstimulation, possible sound overstimulation, 3 balloon pops. 


  1. Brand New Bitch: This number is all about finding the power in inventing and creating the brand new person you have always been. Content disclosures: a GIANT mallet, smashing through a paper, usage of the word bitch. Possible audio overload

  2. Guyliner: This number is about embracing the binary of masculinity and femininity in us all told in a clowney and slightly spooky way.

  3. Stevie’s Poem: Content disclosures: talk of dysphoria, talk of self destructive thoughts and intrusive thoughts

  4. Cellophane and Pendulum: The constant struggle of what love looks like for a trans individual having to support themselves and never truly knowing what love, real love, will feel like. Content disclosures: possible audio overstimulation

  5. Deep Moaning Blues: Embrace the beauty and sexuality of the AMAB woman body and the art of being observed in a sexy burlesque number. Content disclosures: top nudity, seduction, sexuality. 

  6. Allyria’s Ending Number: Lift Me Up: An empowering “Park and Bark” number, representative of overcoming obstacles.



Liv Aldridge 

Samantha Belding

Amy Chen

Lindsey Coffey

Ev Dowling

Chloe Knight

Chloe Rochefort


Maddy Wendell


University of the Arts

David Yager, President and CEO 

Kikau Alvaro, Interim Dean, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts 

Aanika Allen, Assistant Dean, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts 

Krista Apple, Interim Program Director, Acting 

Amy Dugas Brown, Program Director, Directing, Playwriting, and Production 

Jacob Brent, Interim Program Director, Musical Theater 

Natalie Robin, Program Director, Theater Design and Technology 

Quinn Bauriedel, Program Director, Pig Iron School MFA in Devised Performance 


Nick Embree, Associate Professor 

Sarah Sanford, Assistant Professor 

Fadi Skeiker, Associate Professor 

Rob Tucker, Visiting Assistant Professor 

Leah Walton, Visiting Assistant Professor 

Madison Claus, Senior Administrative Assistant 

Lindsay Cram, Associate Producer 


Joe Fasciano, Technical Director

Troy Martin-O’Shia, Production Electrician 

LeVonne Lindsay, Costume Shop Manager 

Larry Fowler, Sound Practicum Instructor

Chris Haig, Technical and Props Practicum Instructor

Millie Hiibel, Costume Practicum Instructor