Play script surrounded by pill bottle, cigarettes and other trash

A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney

By Lucas Hnath
Directed by Justin Rubenstein '21 (Directing, Playwriting & Production)

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Clark S. Clement (Walt) (He/Him), a senior Acting major, is overwhelmingly stoked to be a part of A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney, aka, one of the longest play titles in history. Previously, Clark has been seen in multiple shows across Philadelphia, including the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and the Equinox New Play Festival. Clark would like to thank the cast and crew of this magical production, his friends, who are the greatest friends ever, his parents, and Zoom, just for existing. Check out Clark on Instagram @the_clarkage; sometimes he’s funny and posts pictures.

Jordan Eck (Roy) (he/him) is ecstatic to be making his University of the Arts debut in this new and challenging format. He is from Reading, PA, and is graduating in the class of 2022 as an Acting major and Musical Theater minor. He sends many thanks to his friends, family and the team for this experience. 

Mackenzie Maula (Daughter) (she/her) is a senior Musical Theater major and is so excited to be in this production with such a wonderful cast and team! While this is a new way of creating theater, she is so glad that this has been possible to share with friends and family from all over! Mackenzie is sending love to her family, her dog Willy Winston and her roomies. <3

Henry Glejzer (Ron Miller) (he/him) is a junior Musical Theater major. This is his first show with the University. Thank you to Justin, my fellow cast and crew, and everyone in the audience for accompanying me on this exciting endeavor!


Director—Justin Rubenstein
Assistant Director—Brennah Leone
Stage Manager—Erica Sholes
Assistant Stage Manager—Ryan Louis
Dramaturg—Ava Kepple
Prop and Costume Designer—Sharon Culbreth Pedula
Sound Designer—Kaitlyn Currier-Graves


Lindsey Coffey
Samantha Garcia
Kara Rantavich
Victor Valadez


President and CEO David Yager
Brind School of Theater Arts Dean Marc Dicciani
Assistant to the Dean Lauren Fanslau
Program Head of Acting Justin Lujan
Program Head of Theater Design and Technology Natalie Robin
Program Head of Directing, Playwriting and Production Amy Dugas Brown
Program Head of Musical Theater Katie Donovan
Set Practicum Instructor Nick Embree
Costume Practicum Instructor LeVonne Lindsay
Sound Practicum Instructor Larry Fowler
Faculty Mentor Rebecca Wright
Associate Producer Lindsay Cram