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For 50 years, Graphic Design at the University of the Arts has been on the leading edge, delving into new technologies and re-inventing how handmade images and messages uniquely speak to the world.

As a Graphic Design student at UArts, you'll not only explore new technologies but old-world craft – from working with the latest equipment for digital video and sound recording, to 3-D printing and model-making, to creating hand-sewn books and letters cut from stone.

Unique to UArts is the ability for students to venture out across disciplines, exploring every medium UArts has to offer, while accumulating program credits towards your Graphic Design degree. Free from the rigidity of a more traditional curriculum, you’ll have freedom to choose which skills you’d like to develop, ultimately generating a wealth of sought-after experience — as represented by our high post-graduate employment rate, with alumni working for companies like BuzzFeed, Spotify, Sony Music, Urban Outfitters and the Brooklyn Museum, to name just a few.


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Noah Cimatu headshot
Noah Cimatu


Graphic Design
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Mariah Deck headshot
Mariah Deck


Graphic Design
Hometown: Philadelphia
Jonathan White headshot
Jonathan White


Graphic Design
Hometown: Clinton, Maryland

Our Graphic Design faculty bring experience from a range of backgrounds, from corporate branding to photographics. 

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    Angela Riechers, Graphic Design Program Director
    Angela Riechers

    Graphic Design
    Award-winning designer who has completed work for the New York Times, Oprah, Wallpaper and Metropolis magazines
    Andy Rementer Headshot Graphic Design Faculty
    Andy Rementer

    Graphic Design
    Done work for 'The New York Times,' MTV, Urban Outfitters, Asics, 'The New Yorker,' Warner Brothers
    Lisa Mangano headshot
    Lisa Mangano

    Graphic Design
    Design consultant to global branding companies
    Joel Katz headshot
    Joel Katz

    Graphic Design
    Award-winning international information designer

    Sample Courses in the Graphic Design Major

    First Year
    Drawing: Objects & Space
    Drawing: Natural Forms & The Human Figure
    Body as Form

    Second Year
    Introduction to Design 
    Visual Perception and the Language of Form 
    Introduction to Applied Visual Communications 
    Visualizing Language I: Typographic Hierarchies
    Electronic Media/Production

    Third Year
    Visual Communication I: Design in Context 
    Visual Communication II: Communication Media and Strategies
    Visualizing Language II: Text Strategies
    Digital Interactive Techniques
    Advanced Digital Interactive Techniques

    Fourth Year
    Senior Studio
    Design Strategies: Nonlinear Narratives
    Design Strategies: Brand Identity
    Applied Design Laboratory
    Design Internship

    About the Curriculum

    The Graphic Design program delivers a professional degree that develops the student’s mastery and expertise in the current marketplace for the practice of graphic design or a related communications-oriented field.

    Graduates of the Graphic Design program will:

    • Be experienced in both hierarchical and non-hierarchical forms of collaboration as professional preparation
    • Possess a unique intellectual and visual voice
    • Be able to adapt to a changing, unpredictable world and its communication needs where the methods of communication can be expected to evolve and expand.
    • Demonstrate a strong work ethic driven by both logical and inventive working processes.
    • Possess a high level of expertise within industry-standard technological environments and the propensity to prototype for high-level, complex technologically-based practices.
    • Be strategic thinkers with the ability to explain these strategies as a fundamental aspect of their design process.

    To earn the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, students will complete a total of 124.5 credits as follows:

    • 39 credits in the Graphic Design Major
    • 18 credits in College of Art, Media & Design Core Studies
    • 6 credits in School of Design Core
    • 4.5 credits in Creative Practices and Collaborative Studio
    • 12 credits in Art History
    • 30 credits in the Liberal Arts
    • 15 credits in Free Electives

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    Nijel Taylor Headshot Graphic Design Alumni
    Nijel Taylor

    BFA '14

    Graphic Design
    Designer at top NYC agency, Lippincott
    Mike Tyson Headshot Graphic Design Alumni
    Mike Tyson

    BFA '12

    Graphic Design
    Design Director, London office of global branding agency Siegel + Gale
    Craig Holden Feinberg
    Craig Holden Feinberg

    BFA '02

    Graphic Design
    Has worked with clients in Miami, Montreal, Washington D.C., Denver

    Watch this profile on Mike Tyson BFA '12 below.

    Our alumni work at a variety of companies and organizations internationally. Below are a few places our alums have landed.


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