Paying for your UArts Education

A UArts education is a unique, catered experience for each student, allowing you to develop the skills and experience necessary to make your creative dreams a reality. It’s an investment in yourself, your goals and your future—one which we believe the cost of attendance should not stop you from pursuing. To help you finance your degree, UArts offers a wide range of financial assistance in the form of grants, loans, or student employment—funded through federal, state, university or private organizations.

In the section below, we have outlined the direct and indirect charges associated with a UArts education. Most students receive some form of merit-based scholarship or need-based aid, which can greatly reduce the overall cost.

  • Merit-based scholarships are awarded as part of the admissions process.
  • Need-based packages are provided based on students’ completed (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) FAFSA.

All students are encouraged to complete the admissions process and file a FAFSA in order to determine the actual cost of their enrollment at UArts.

2020–2021 Cost of Attendance

 Expense  Undergraduate
 Full-time tuition  $46,530
 Housing  $11,380
 Meals  $6,250
 Books & supplies  $1,314
 Transportation & personal  $2,520
 Student services  $150
 Total estimated cost  $68,144


Graduate tuition rates differ from undergraduate rates. In addition, tuition rates can vary based on specialized programs, such as the Graduate Certificate in Devised Performance. Learn more about specialized tuition rates.

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Undergraduate Tuition & Fees


Full-time (12–18 credits) annual tuition (flat fee): $46,530
Deposit (required 1st semester, nonrefundable; applied towards tuition): $300

Cost per-credit (part time and over 18 credits): $1,940
Cost per-credit (nonmatriculated): $1,356
Non-major private lessons (flat fee): $220


Shared room within an apartment: $11,380/year

Single room within a shared apartment: $12,160/year

Single studio apartment: $12,770/year

Annual housing reservation deposit (nonrefundable, applied toward security deposit): $200

Annual security deposit (refundable if no damage charges): $200


Platinum Plan (required for first-year resident students): $6,250/year
Includes 19 meals per week and $125 dining dollars per semester

Gold Plan: $5,410/year
Includes 14 meals per week and $25 dining dollars per semester

Silver Plan: $4,160/year
Includes 10 meals per week

Bronze Plan: $2,360/year
Includes five meals per week

View UArts’ dining options.

Summer 2020 Tuition, Housing & Fees

Summer tuition is offered at a discounted rate, to help students make progress toward completing their degrees. We strongly suggest that students who are considering attending during the summer to meet with a Student Financial Services (SFS) counselor.

Summer tuition: $615 per course for Critical Studies courses*

Undergraduate course: $1,350 per credit hour*

Summer internship tuition: $140 per credit for the first 3 credits; after the first 3 credits, students are billed at the full summer per-credit rate of $1,350.

Summer housing: $350 per week; must be enrolled in summer coursework

Summer housing deposit: $200 per session, if not in housing in the spring before

Meal plans are not available during the summer sessions.

*The summer rate does not apply to Graduate or Specialized Programs.

Books & Supplies

Estimated cost of books and supplies: $1,314 per year


Students should expect to set aside additional funds for a mandatory laptop. For more information and computer requirements by major, visit the Laptop Requirement page.


Estimated cost of residential transportation: $819 per year

Estimated cost of commuter transportation: $1,962 per year

Personal Expenses

Estimated personal expenses per academic year: $1,701 per year

Student Services Fee: $150 ($75 per semester)

Health Insurance

Cost for coverage beginning 8/1/20–7/31/21: $4,031.00 per year

Spring 2020 enrollment 01/21/21–05/13/21: TBD (per semester)

University of the Arts requires that all full-time, matriculated students taking six or more credits carry health insurance, either through an insurance company or the school-based plan. See more information in the Health Services section.

University of the Arts has partnered with GradGuard Tuition Insurance and encourages all students and families to review its program, which can be purchased to protect educational investment.  

Visit GradGuard Tuition Insurance to learn more.