UArts recognizes the talents of its students through a range of merit-based scholarships.

All applicants are automatically considered for scholarship awards during the admissions process. No special application is required.  

Scholarship recipients are evaluated based on the review of their creative portfolios and/or auditions, prior academic success, related experience and general suitability of one’s interests and goals within our programs.

International students are eligible for merit-based scholarships under the same criteria as domestic applicants.

Applicants who are offered admission will be notified as to any merit-based scholarships they have been awarded in their admission acceptance letter.

In addition to merit-based scholarships, applicants who have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be reviewed for need-based financial aid.  Applicants who have been offered admission to the Fall will be sent a comprehensive award package, with their merit-based and need-based awards, starting the first week of January.  Accepted applicants who submit the FAFSA after this date will receive a comprehensive award package award package approximately 2-to-3 weeks after filing the FAFSA.

We encourage all applicants to explore all options for outside scholarship opportunities. Scholarships from local businesses, boosters, foundations, churches, unions, etc., can be used as payment towards a student’s educational costs. These scholarships are applied on top of a student’s existing financial aid to meet their costs. Some scholarship search engines are: FastWeb and GoodCall. Student Financial Services advises student to never pay to apply for a scholarship.

UArts has partnered with Scholly, the scholarship app, to help students find additional funding. Designed to ease the scholarship search process, Scholly’s adaptive matching engine promises to deliver smarter, targeted lists of scholarships. UArts students can access Scholly by clicking here: Scholly. Use your UArts ID—provided to accepted students upon depositing—to sign up and log in.

If you receive an outside scholarship, please notify Student Financial Services by sending a copy of the scholarship letter so you may receive a pending credit to be issued on your bill. Scholarships in excess of total costs or demonstrated need may sometimes result in changes to your award offer.  

Additional Scholarship Websites & Resources:

Are scholarships available?

Yes. A range of generous, merit-based scholarships are available for UArts students, including international students. Scholarships are competitive and vary in amount but offer a considerable reduction in the price of tuition.

How is the amount decided?

Applicants are evaluated on a combination of credentials including: creative portfolios, auditions and/or interviews; academic preparedness and success; related experience; and general suitability of one’s interests and goals within our programs.

Are international students eligible for scholarships?

Yes, international students are eligible for merit-based scholarships under the same criteria as domestic applicants.

Is there an application or deadline?

No, Students are automatically considered for scholarships at the time of admission. UArts operates on a rolling admissions basis, but programs are filled on a space-available basis, so submitting your materials early may improve your chances for acceptance.

Can I appeal my scholarship?

While the amount of your Merit-Based scholarship won’t change, please contact Student Financial Services if you have a situation that warrants appealing for additional Need-Based financial aid.