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Welcome Home

On-campus housing offers an opportunity to live in the heart of Philly. Not only are you close to your classes and the dining hall, you're also close to the history, food, and culture that make Philadelphia famous.

Ask any UArts student what they like most about living on campus and they'll tell you it's all about community. Part of living on campus is the opportunity to express your art, share your ideas and make a difference in the campus and city community. The people you meet will impact your life in profound ways.

Housing Checklist

We have put together a list of items you don't have to bring and items you won't want to forget.

View Housing Checklist

Off-Campus Housing

We make it easier for you to research living options through our Off-Campus Housing website, which includes a searchable database and other online resources.

View off-campus housing

Housing Policies & Support

Review the student handbook, and find additional information about housing, including room changes, package and mail distribution, emotional support animal policy, and more.

View housing policies

We're Here to Help

Stop by our office in Gershman Hall, on the 3rd floor, and we can help you with all matters related to housing:

  • Housing processes and room changes
  • Roommate disputes
  • Residential programming
  • Transition support

The Office of Residence Life & Community Standards