Summer Housing

Summer housing is available for UArts students enrolled in summer session at the University or employed by Facilities or Student Affairs as a work study student. This policy outlines helpful information regarding the summer housing process, transitional housing, and summer housing policies.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements in order to receive University housing as a student employee:

  1. Be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at the University of the Arts for both the spring semester and fall semester. Students graduating in spring or August are not eligible for University summer housing.
  2. Be employed by Facilities or the Student Affairs office at least part-time. Only students working in those offices can receive University housing.
  3. Receive permission from your employer to live in University housing for the summer. Students should confirm summer employment with their supervisor, as not all departments can support students living in University housing.

Moving In

Many summer residences will be occupied until May 11, 2024 at 5 p.m. Residences are readied and made available following academic year move-out. Specific move-in dates and times will be communicated to each summer resident via their UArts email prior to the end of the semester.

Students pick up their keys to their summer housing assignment between 9am-5pm on the day of their move in the Office of Campus Life in Student Center 309.

Moving out

The following checkout procedures must be completed when moving out of summer housing:

  • remove all personal belongings and trash from the assigned apartment
  • clean all appliances
  • close and lock all windows
  • turn off all lights
  • leave the apartment in a clean, habitable condition
  • lock the door
  • return your key(s) to the Office of Campus Life between 9am-5pm, M-F.   

Standard move-out times are as follows:

Summer Session Attended

Move-out Date

Move-out Time

Summer Session 10 week term


Before 5pm

Summer Session 1 and 2, or Summer Session 2


Before 5pm

Summer Work Study

Monday, August 12th  

Before 12pm


Summer Session Attended

Cost (Weekly Rate)

Summer Session 1

$TBD/shared space 

$TBD/singles & private bedrooms (limited availability)

Summer Session 2

$TBD/shared space

$TBD/singles & private bedrooms (limited availability)

Mail Service

Distribution Services is available Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. Their office is located in the Juniper Hall lobby.  All mail, whether package or letter, will be picked up from Distribution Services during the summer. Distribution Services will email students to pick up their mail.

For all envelopes and packages sent through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS):

Student name
c/o University of the Arts
311 South Juniper Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Residence hall name (e.g., Furness Hall), room #

For all envelopes and packages sent via commercial carriers:
(Amazon, UPS, FEDEX, DHL or private courier service such as flower deliveries or perishable items)

Student name
c/o University of the Arts
311 S. Juniper St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Residence hall name (e.g., Furness Hall), Room #

Optional: phone # for flowers and other perishable items

Maintenance Concerns
For routine maintenance requests, submit a work order online through the UArts portal. For emergency maintenance, call 215-717-6011 for assistance.

Lockouts, lost keys, lock changes, safety and security
Students should contact the Public Safety officer at their front desk for assistance if they become locked out. Duplication of keys is strictly prohibited. All keys must be returned upon check out from the apartment. Failure to do so will result in charges as outlined by the Office of Campus Life. The cost for replacement room keys is $65.00 and for mail keys is $10.00.

The University reserves the right to enter the resident’s apartment without prior notice in order to perform maintenance work, to investigate policy violations or to execute other University functions. The University reserves the right to search the resident’s apartment, including University owned furniture, appliances and personal effects, upon reasonable suspicion of a violation of University policy. If prohibited items are found, they will be confiscated by the University and not returned.

ID Cards
Students’ ID cards allow them to gain access to their assigned residence hall or floor. Students must keep their ID with them at all times.

The resident must comply with all University policies and accurately follow procedures set forth in this contract or established by the University in other documents and publications.

The resident will hold the University harmless from any suit, action of law or other claim whatsoever resulting from or arising out of any injury of the resident’s person or property during the length of this contract to include all claims and liability for losses of or damage to property, or for injuries that are caused by the acts, omissions, or negligence of other parties.

Renter's Insurance protects your personal property, such as a computer, television, stereo, bicycle or furniture, in the event that it is damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Residents are encouraged to consider purchasing renter's insurance or confirm coverage on parents’/guardians’ homeowners insurance.

Office Location, hours, and contact information:

Office of Campus Life
M-F, 9a-5p
Student Center 309