Housing Damage Information

Students who lived in housing during the academic year and completed a standard checkout may appeal damage charges by submitting the Damage Charge Appeal Form to the Campus Life. All residents who have been charged for damages will receive an email by the end of the summer, detailing each damage charge and the charge amount. Residents will receive instructions on how to appeal a damage charge.

Please note the following policies as stated in the Residential Life & Housing Handbook:

Damage to Property & Damage Billing

  1. The resident is individually responsible for any damage to the residence hall or University owned furniture beyond reasonable wear and tear. Damage that results from excess negligence or intentional act may also result in disciplinary action.
  2. All residents are equally responsible for damage to common areas in the residence halls in the event that the individual(s) directly responsible is not identified.
  3. The resident may not make material alterations or additions to the apartment, residence hall or university owned furniture. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the use of nails, screws, bolts, or permanent adhesives. Removable or double-sided tapes or adhesives can be used and won't damage walls.
  4. Residents are not permitted to build lofts or adjust university furniture into an unsafe position.

In the case that the resident is no longer in possession of the apartment key, the lock mechanism for the apartment door will be replaced for security reasons. The resident will be charged $65.00 for this replacement. A $10.00 charge will be assessed for replacing the mail key.

  1. Failure to return the apartment key upon check-out will require the lock mechanism for the apartment door to be replaced for security reasons. The resident will be charged $65.00 for this replacement.
  2. A $10.00 fine will be charged to any resident student account who requires a member of the university staff to open the door to that resident's apartment.
  3. When a resident switches apartments they must return their old key within 72 hours or they will be charged $65 for the lock replacement.

Community Area Charges
Hall-wide damages charges are assessed only after the Residence Life staff makes every effort to identify the person/people responsible for the damage. Residents are made aware of the hall-wide damage charges throughout the year to provide them the opportunity to assist in identifying those responsible. Once the academic year ends and all residents have checked out, hall wide damages are final and are not appealable.

In addition please note the following common reasons cited that are not considered grounds for an appeal:

  1. My roommate is responsible for this damage. According to our records, we do not have a Damage Responsibility Form on file; therefore all charges are divided equally amongst roommates as applicable. If the resident responsible for the damage takes responsibility for the damage in writing to the office (this can be done via e-mail) damage charges will be allocated to that person and removed from other student accounts.
  2. When I checked out with my RA, I was not told there would be any damage charges. Final apartment inspections that assess damage charges are conducted by professional student affairs staff. RAs are not responsible for assessing damage charges.
  3. I returned my key after I checked out/moved out. According to our records, we did not receive your apartment or mail key at time of checkout.