Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH)

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) provides two or more students the opportunity to share a University housing assignment regardless of biological sex, gender identity or gender expression. This option is available to all students who reside in University housing in all residence halls.

The GIH roommate selection process mirrors what is provided for all students. Students may search for and select roommates based on living preferences, pull in an eligible roommate, or select a single space if available. If a student does not select a roommate, the space will remain available to be filled by another student who has chosen to participate in GIH and has completed the agreement.

The following are applicable to students who elect to live in gender inclusive housing:

  • Issues relating to room reassignments and vacancies will follow the procedures set forth in the Housing Agreement and Student Handbook (see section 6, Housing Assignment of the Housing Agreement, or Section 3, Housing Agreement, of Residential Living Policies, page 14 of the Student Handbook)

  • Once an apartment is designated as gender inclusive, it will remain gender inclusive for the duration of the academic year.

  • In the event of a vacancy, the Office of Campus Life will fill the vacancy first with an individual who consents to living in a gender inclusive space while still taking into consideration traditional roommate matching scores.

  • A student must be 18 years of age. Students under 18 must provide written parental consent in order to be considered for GIH.

  • If a student no longer wishes to participate in GIH, they will follow room change procedures as outlined by the Office of Campus Life, during the designated room change periods.

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