Apartment Change Process

Apartment Change Information


Apartment change periods occur after the Add/Drop date of each semester. Residents may request to move to a specific apartment or participate in an even swap with a resident in a different apartment.  If there is a conflict, residents must first make an attempt to resolve conflict, as there is a very limited amount of availability of open spaces in the residence halls.  If the conflict remains unresolved after meeting with residence life staff, the student(s) may work with the Area Coordinator to discuss the available vacancies on campus.

In order to complete an apartment change, residents may request the room change form by emailing the Area Coordinator Kody Guedes (kguedes@uarts.edu) or by stopping by Student Center Suite 309, during business hours.

With the form, residents will need to have all current roommates sign the form, as well as signatures of the new apartment roommates, if the resident knows the new apartment they wish to switch to.

After an apartment change has been approved, the resident will receive instruction on the specific date of the apartment change. They will also receive instructions on how to pick up their new keys. Residents will have 48 hours to complete the apartment change.