Move-Out Information


We strongly encourage you to carefully read all information provided regarding student final move out. To ensure a smooth move out, please be sure to follow instructions listed here. Also, be on the lookout for additional details to be provided by your RA.

Checking out all residential students in such a short time is a major task and requires our working together to make it as smooth and fair as possible. 

Regardless of how and when you check out, you can avoid charges by following these steps:

  • Discuss with your roommate(s) the Closing Agreement and decide who will take responsibility for which areas/tasks in the room
  • Clearly mark which furniture belongs to which resident
  • Assure that all assigned furniture is present in the apartment and assembled
  • Remove all non-assigned furniture such as carpets, chairs, bookshelves, desks, etc. Do not leave these items in stairways, hallways, or lobby areas
  • Remove trash and sweep floors
  • Remove all posters, tape, stickers and nails from furniture, walls, ceilings, closets and doors
  • Remove shower curtain and rings
  • Wipe down all surfaces in kitchens and bathroom
  • Close and lock your windows
  • Make sure the door is closed and locked when the check out is complete
  • Return your keys


Guests: Residents may sign in guests to assist them with moving out of the residence hall.

Carts: Moving carts will be available on a first come first serve basis beginning on May 6, and residents should return the carts to the lobby of their building when they are done using them. Carts should only be used to move items from the resident's apartment to the parking lot of the residence hall. Carts should not be used to move items to an off-campus location. 

Parking: Parking will be available in the Furness, Spruce and Juniper parking lots for loading only and there is a 30 minute time limit for vehicles in these lots so as to create space for others to use the parking lots. 


Residents have two options to check out of the residence halls:


An official check out involves an staff member coming to your room with your Room Condition Report (RCR) to note if there are any discrepancies in the condition of the room, furnishings, or fixtures since the check-in RCR was completed. The RA will explain these discrepancies to you and then ask you to sign the RCR and return your key(s). Once the staff member signs the RCR, you are officially checked out. After your check out, the RA will turn your RCR in to the Area Coordinator, who will inspect your apartment and determine whether or not to assign a charge based on any discrepancies found.

*Please note, all of your belongings must be out of the room for check out to occur.

If you are the first person to check out of your apartment and the RA is unable to see parts of the apartment (for example, if your roommate's posters are still on the walls), they will note that on the RCR. Your Area Coordinator will not inspect the apartment until it is completely empty. You may be held responsible for damages not visible when you checked out, so please caution your roommate(s) to do their part to leave the apartment in the best possible condition. Please understand that although the RA notes discrepancies, RAs do not assign charges.

*The Director of Residence Life or their designee will make the final decision whether or not to charge for a discrepancy.

1) Residents sign up for a check-out time on their RA's door. Check out appointments begin on Monday, May 5. There will be times listed that staff members will be available to check you out. If these times do not fit your schedule, make arrangements with your RA or Area Coordinator to set up an appointment.
2) As the check-out time approaches, the resident will move out their belongings and clean their area thoroughly. 
3) Resident will wait at their room to meet RA or designated staff at their designated check out time.
4) Resident and RA or staff member will inspect the room. RA or staff member may make suggestions on items to clean up or throw out
5) Resident turns in keys to staff member.
6) Resident removes the building sticker on front of the ID.
7) Resident leaves building*.

*Once a resident has completed the check-out process, they will not be allowed to stay in the building and all students must vacate the building with all of their belongings by 1pm on Saturday, May 11, 2024.


EXPRESS CHECK-OUT PROCESS, no staff member present (not recommended)
The Express Check-Out Process allows a resident to check out on their own. If you choose not to check out with a staff member, you may utilize the express check-out option that entails returning your key(s) in the provided envelope to the secured black drop box in your building lobby. This process is set up as an exception to the regular check-out process in the event that a resident for some emergency cannot check out at their scheduled time. It is not encouraged for a resident to check out in this fashion. By checking out through this method, residents will NOT be allowed to appeal any damage charges. If you wish to complete an official check out, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with a staff member.

To express check out, please follow these steps:
1) Resident removes all personal items from the apartment.
2) Resident obtains the Express Check-Out Envelope from the key drop box in the lobby.
3) Resident fills out the Express Check-Out Envelope and puts room key and mail key in the envelope and seals it.
4) Resident drops envelope in the secured drop box.
5) Resident vacates building.