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On-campus apartment-style living in the heart of Philadelphia: not your typical residence hall experience.

Because days filled with activities like dancing, filming, practicing, composing and writing deserve to end with a comfortable place to recharge.

Campus Living

You’ll find community among fellow students and get to know the city of Philadelphia like you never imagined when you live on campus at UArts. Our four student residence halls, Furness, Juniper, Pine and Spruce, are close to the nation’s most historic landmarks, yet also within walking distance to classes and the dining hall. Not every college can say that its housing and dining facilities are in the heart of a buzzing arts scene. Then again, there’s no other college like The University of the Arts.

Residence Overview

There are four student residence halls on campus, featuring various room configurations ranging from singles to three bedroom units. Rooms are grouped into apartments that share a common living space (except for studios apartments).

All first-year students are guaranteed housing if they deposit for housing by the May 1 deadline. While housing beyond the first year is not guaranteed, students are encouraged to apply for on-campus residence using the online housing portal.

Each residential student is guaranteed:

  • An extra-long twin size bed
  • A three-drawer dresser
  • A drafting table desk and chair

Each apartment contains the following:

  • Either a microwave-fridge unit (based on occupancy) or a full kitchen (in the case of Juniper Hall)
  • Closet and pantry storage
  • Air conditioning unit or central air (in Juniper Hall)
  • A bathroom
  • Internet access
  • Cable is provided in the residence hall lounges.

Read the Housing Checklist to see a full list of what is and is not included for residential students so you can plan your move in accordingly.

Furness Residence Hall

Designed by famous Philadelphia architect Frank Furness, this four-story residence hall offers apartment-style living with kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Each space is equipped with a window air conditioning unit and central heating, and tall ceilings with high windows give Furness a loft-like feel.

  • Room options include studios, one bedroom and two bedrooms
  • Apartment options include two, three and four people units
  • Laundry facilities on ground floor
  • Window air conditioning units
  • Unique floor plans, high ceilings and large windows
  • Carpet and linoleum floors
  • Access to beautiful courtyard

Pine Residence Hall

Located on the southwest corner of 15th and Pine Streets, Pine Hall features furnished apartments with kitchens and bathrooms providing everything you need in one place, so you can (literally) sit back and relax. Offering studios, one, two, and three bedroom layouts, Pine Hall is home to 150 students.

  • Room options include studios, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedrooms units
  • Apartment options include one to five people
  • Ten-story building
  • Laundry facilities one basement level
  • Window air conditioning units
  • Carpet and hardwood floors

Spruce Residence Hall

The largest UArts housing facility, Spruce is a vibrant community of fellow artists all living under one roof.

  • All rooms are studio style
  • Apartment options include one, two, or three person spaces
  • Apartments feature kitchenette (no oven or stove)
  • Laundry facilities on various floors
  • Full kitchen in residence hall lounge on Mezzanine floor 
  • Hardwood and carpeted floors
  • Window air conditioning units

Juniper Residence Hall

Large windows adorn one- and two-bedroom apartments in this 10-story building, allowing sunlight to generously fill the modern kitchens. Juniper’s units house either two or four students each, and are primarily home to upperclassmen who apply to live on campus during the housing lottery, a small number of first-year students may be assigned to this hall.

  • Room options include one bedroom and two bedroom
  • Apartment options include 2 or 4 person units
  • Apartments feature full kitchens
  • Laundry facilities on each floor
  • Central air conditioning