As a UArts Photography student, you can study photography in as many different ways as you want: fine art, editorial, fashion, commercial, documentary, studio practice and more.

Our unique visiting artist and speaker series bring top photographers, curators, photo editors, industry vendors and gallery directors to the University, where you can meet them one-on-one. You'll take regular trips to NYC for gallery visits and major industry expos. And you'll also have the chance to showcase your work in our own galleries.

Through our internship program, students apply their knowledge in various studios, galleries and production houses in the city and beyond. And you'll work on real-world projects for outside companies and institutions — in one project, students shot all of the photographs for the annual report of one of Philadelphia’s major museums, the Academy of Natural Sciences.

University of the Arts Photography students work in both digital and traditional formats, with access to the program's full range of techniques, facilities and media tools — the same top-of-the-line gear the professionals use. You can create your own artistic vision while developing solid technical skills.

Ruben Chamorro '15
Ruben Chamorro '15
AJ Adriance '18
Clarissa Caponera '15


AnaMaria Garcia '18
Marcus Kegler Branch '14
Hannah Bailey '18


Elissa Anderson '17
Kelly Mager '17
Chloe Hollingsworth '18


Austin Groeneveld '19
Molly Smith '15
Molly Smith '15


Perry Melat '17

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James Izlar Headshot
James Izlar

BFA '21

Photography (BFA)
Georgia Wescott Headshot
Georgia Wescott

BFA '21

Photography (BFA)
German Ayala Vazquez Headshot
German Ayala Vazquez

BFA '20

Photography (BFA)

In the Photography major, you'll study with top professionals with extensive experience in a wide range of concentrations, including fine art, editorial, fashion, commercial, documentary and studio practice. 

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A headshot of Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster

Photography (BFA)
AICAD Fellow; Award-winning interdisciplinary artist specializing in photography
DAvid Graham headshot
David Graham

Photography (BFA)
Internationally recognized photographer of 'everyday America'
Barbara Proud
Barbara Proud

Photography (BFA)
'First Comes Love' project spotlights stories of longtime LGBTQ couples

Sample Courses in the Photography Major

First Year
Drawing: Objects & Space
Drawing: Ideation
Found & Fabricated

Second Year
Introduction to Black and White Photo
Interm Black and White Photo
Digital Photography Workshop
Sophomore Projects 

Third Year
Studio Photo
Advanced Studio Photo
Critical Issues in Photo
Junior Projects/Discourse
Color Concepts

Fourth Year
Senior Photography Thesis
Contemporary Issues in Photo
Selected Topics in Photo


About the Curriculum

The Photography program is designed to provide practical professional training balanced with a fine-art aesthetic. Through our choice of visiting lecturers, gallery exhibitions, visiting artists, internships, diversity of faculty, and significant engagement and outreach with the professional, fine art, and photo education community, we offer a rich and diversified educational experience.

Student who complete the Photography program:

  • Demonstrate independent, creative problem solving and original thinking. They exhibit a distinct and personal approach to art making.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary issues and historical precedents. They have an appreciation for experimentation/innovation as well as for the traditions of making as applied to contemporary photographic practices.
  • Acquire and demonstrate the professional skills needed to be successful as practicing artists, entrepreneurs, and productive citizens, including further study at the graduate level.
  • Are able to talk and write about art (including their own work) critically, intelligently, and with considerable insight.
  • Acquire the level of technical skill required for them to reach their career goals in an ever-evolving medium. They establish a studio practice appropriate to their ideas and demonstrate a deep familiarity with materials and processes.

Explore the full curriculum

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Erin Kirk large post
Erin Kirk

BFA '06

Photography (BFA)
Marine Corps combat photographer, published in Time Magazine, The New York Times
MArcus Branch headshot flowers in hair
Marcus Branch

BFA '14

Photography (BFA)
Published in Paper magazine, Interview magazine, W magazine, i-D magazine,
Molly Smith
Molly Smith

BFA '15

Photography (BFA)
Assistant to renowned photographer Sally Mann
Jessica Lim headshot
Jessica Lim

BFA '16

Photography (BFA)
Works for prominent Los Angeles editorial/advertising photographer
Shea Winter Roggio headshot
Shea Winter Roggio

BFA '05

Photography (BFA)
Published in featured in Need Magazine, New York Observer, The New York Times, Philadelphia Magazine, and Runner’s World

Exhibits & Visiting Artists

Each year, the Photography program at UArts illuminates and inspires its students and the public through the work of exhibiting and visiting artists. 

Fall 2019
Shawn Theodore (Exhibition & Lecture)
John Carlano (Exhibition & Lecture)
Amy Giese (Lecture)
Amit Elkayam (Lecture)

Spring 2020
Mary Magseman & Stephan Hillerbrand (Exhibition)
Nelson Morales (Exhibition & Lecture)
Archive 192 (Exhibition & Lecture)
Stephen Foster (Lecture)

Explore more of this year’s events at UArts.

Spring 2019
Kris Sanford (Exhibition)
Patrick Nagatani (Screening with Lynn Estomin)
Stacey Tyrell (Exhibition & Lecture)
Zora Murff (Exhibition)

Fall 2018
Henry Hornstein (Lecture)
Matt Eich (Lecture)
Daniella Zalcman (Lecture)
Hồng-Ân Trương (Lecture)

Spring 2018
Janet Delaney (Exhibition)
Jill Freedman (Exhibition)
George Krause ’58 (Exhibition)
James Singewald (Exhibition)
Kurt Tong (Exhibition)

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