Portrait of Cathy Edelman

BFA '85

Photography (BFA)

There are a few things I constantly say: Only you know what you don't know, therefore seek out a mentor and learn; every artist needs to take the mirror test … look themselves in the mirror and decide if what they are doing is honest. If it isn’t, there's no failure in pursuing something else, as time is valuable.

December 1, 2021, marked the 34-year anniversary of Catherine Edelman Gallery, a venue for contemporary fine art photography in Chicago. Since its founding in 1987, the gallery has established itself as one of the leading galleries in the US devoted to the exhibition of prominent living photographers, alongside new & young talent. The gallery showcases a broad range of subject matter, attracting both the seasoned collector and first-time buyer. In May of 2019, CEG moved to a 4400 sq ft space, expanding its program to include artists readings and panel discussions, with a larger exhibition space and dedicated video room, as we seek to expand the vocabulary of photography. Our website provides a wealth of information, including artist talks, interviews with art world professionals, and extensive educational material. To date, CEG has hosted more than 250 public exhibitions, featuring more than 200 artists. In 2018, Cathy also co-founded CASE Art Fund, an Illinois based nonprofit that raises awareness about children’s human rights through the support and exhibition of photography.