A headshot of alum Dominic Episcopo

BFA '89

Photography (BFA)

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything

Dominic emerged onto the photography scene and began cultivating his craft. He soon gained international recognition as a pioneer of the food and lifestyle movement, unabashedly willing to push boundaries and "play with his food." His iconic book Meat America is a testament to this unique style and voice.
His most recent work can be found in a wide range of campaign advertising for global brands, cookbooks and culinary editorial publications, and the private collections of notable contemporary collectors.
Dominic currently resides in Philadelphia where he operates a fully equipped photography and film studio in his converted, historic 15,000 square foot church. When he is not behind the camera, you will find him in a record store, on a yoga mat or at a flea market.

The Roots sit at Silk City diner in Philadelphia with their food and a milkshake.
Dominic Episcopo, The Roots, shot at Silk City, Philadelphia, 1999


A piece of steak cut into the shape of the U.S. on brown paper
Dominic Episcopo, United Steaks of America, cover image "Meat America", 2006


A dead, plucked chicken; dead chicken; and cooked chicken sit on a table with flowers
Dominic Episcopo, Untitled (Chicken #2), 2016


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