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As of May 2020, the University is no longer accepting applications for Continuing Education certificates. 
Please direct all questions and inquiries to ce@uarts.edu.


This program will advance your technical skills and knowledge in areas including JavaScript programming, development, user experience, and client/project management. Culminating coursework will lead you through the process of developing a complete web application, incorporating the higher-level skills gained in the program.  This web application will serve as a professional portfolio.  

Hear more about this program from Ognian Danailov, our Digital Technology Coordinator.

Read about the program in Technical.ly Philly.

Front-end web development, also known as client-side development, is the practice of producing HTML, and JavaScript for a website or application. The Front-End Web Development Certificate focuses on JavaScript programming language and can be completed on its own or taken by students who have completed the Web Design Certificate and wish to expand and focus their skill set. 

The certificate is designed for people who are seeking an entry-level front-end development position, freelance work, or who work as part of a team that communicates with developers. Throughout the program, you will hone your project presentation skills and learn to develop well-reasoned arguments for your design intentions.

JavaScript is a versatile language that can serve many kinds of web designers. This program will advance your technical skills and knowledge in the areas of programming, web development, user experience, and client/project management, and faculty and guest presenters introduce you to the latest tools and techniques as you develop a professional portfolio. The certificate culminates in a Practicum, in which you develop a complete web application, incorporating the higher-level skills gained in the program.

Key topics that will be covered in this certificate program include:

  • JS syntax
  • DOM manipulation
  • Jquery
  • Ajax and working with API’s
  • Object Oriented Programming in JS
  • Coding challenges and common technical interview questions
  • ES6 syntax
  • Git/GitHub and team collaboration

Digital Design Panel Discussion with UArts Faculty
Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Gershman Chapel, 401 S. Broad St. (Broad & Pine)  |  7 PM - 8 PM

Join us for a panel discussion with UArts digital design and technology faculty.  The conversation will focus on trends in various digital design fields, and recommended courses and certificates to help you navigate the digital landscape.

Pay as you go by semester.


  • Foundations of Interactive Front-End Web Development 10 Weeks | 4.0 Credits | Tuition $1,250, Fee $40


  • Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript Summer | 10 Weeks | 4.0 Credits | Tuition $1,250, Fee $40


  • Advanced JavaScript and Practicum Fall | 10 Weeks | 4.0 Credits | Tuition $1,250, Fee $40

    Total credits: 12
    Total tuition & fees: $3,870
    Matriculation fee*: $100

     Total program cost: $3,970 

    *one-time payment due upon acceptance into the Front-End Web Development with JavaScript Certificate. If you are already enrolled in a certificate program and entering a second certificate program, the matriculation fee is discounted to $50.

    As of May 2020, the University is no longer accepting applications for Continuing Education certificates. Please direct all questions and inquiries to ce@uarts.edu.



    Application Requirements

    To be accepted into this program, you must have either completed a formal Web Design program (12.0 credits) or demonstrate the skill-set (HTML / CSS) through a portfolio review.

    A laptop is required.  The preferred operating systems for this program are Mac OS or Linux.  Students who use Windows are strongly encouraged to install Linux.

    Portfolio: Please submit your portfolio as a URL or as a PDF (max file size: 30MB) with links to online projects.  Application reviewers will need to access the source code for your projects.

    If accepted, students must submit a non-refundable matriculation fee of $100 to hold their place in the program. The matriculation fee is used to cover costs associated with the certificate program such as UArts CS student photo ID and computer lab access.

    Front-End Web Development Course Sequence

    Participants complete the 12-credit course sequence in three semesters (Spring, Summer, Fall). All classes meet twice per week in the evening. In order to support the professional focus of the program, the curriculum is reinforced by an orientation session and additional experiences such as guest presenters and industry meetups. The program culminates with the Practicum, in which students develop a project for a client.

    1. Foundations of Interactive Front-End Web Development with jQuery

    This course is an introduction to JavaScript as a primary and foundational programming language. Students learn core web development concepts and practices such as how to use the command line (the shell in Window); how to collaborate through Git and GitHub; Document Object Model (DOM) and how JavaScript is used to manipulate it; and jQuery as a functional alternative to Vanilla JS. Finally, students expand on prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. (First course | 4 cr | 10 Weeks | $1290 | Offered in Spring)

    View sample syllabus

    2. Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript

    This course deepens your knowledge of Javascript, HTML and CSS. Students gain an introduction to advanced concepts such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and create one-page applications through Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) calls and third-party APIs (Application Program Interface). OOP and coding challenges broaden your ES6 (a major update to JavaScript that includes dozens of new features) syntax. Additionally, students learn about the core computer science concepts and algorithms. (Second course | 4 cr | 10 Weeks | $1290 | Offered in Summer)

    3. Advanced JavaScript and Practicum

    This course introduces advanced concepts of JS and prepares students for the most common industry questions and challenges they will encounter in entry-level web development. Students in this course create a portfolio project that will be their “business card” for demonstrating solid JavaScript skills. The project will also serve as the first step towards web development areas such as React.js, Angular.js, or Node.js, or React Native for those interested in mobile development. The structure of the course models the interaction between students and potential clients. The course concludes with a formal presentation of a faculty-approved project of your choice that includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Your practicum project will be to build a site for a client OR to complete an extensive personal web project.

 (Third course | 4 cr | 10 Weeks | $1290 | Offered in Fall)

    If you would like to meet with a staff member or schedule an advising session, please email ce@uarts.edu to schedule an appointment at our Center City Philadelphia office.  Philadelphia Campus Tours: Contact the Office of Admissions to arrange for a tour — admissions@uarts.edu  or  (215) 717 - 6049


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