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The University of the Arts welcomes applications from transfer students. Transfer students are admitted under policies that depend on the major to which they are applying. The University considers any applicant who has been enrolled in a college-level program of study after secondary school to be a transfer applicant. Transfers enjoy a preferred position among applicants for admission since it can be assumed they have matured in their goals and have demonstrated their abilities at the college level.

Transfer Application Requirements
In addition to meeting the requirements described on the Application Process page of this site, transfer applicants must also submit official transcripts from all colleges they have attended in order to complete the application process. Applicants must also notify the UArts Office of Admission of any courses in which they are currently enrolled or intend to complete prior to matriculating. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for transfer.

Transfer of Credit
It is often possible to transfer credit from previous coursework to UArts. You may receive credit for courses taken at other regionally accredited institutions if these courses are similar to those offered at the University of the Arts. A minimum grade of "C" is required in order to present a course for transfer credit. Only credits are transferable, not grades.

You will be given a preliminary transfer credit evaluation at the time of admission; final award of transfer credit is subject to receipt of final official transcripts and verification by the registrar at the time of enrollment.

Residency Requirements
Transfer students must complete a minimum of 48 credits in studio and/or liberal arts courses at the University.

Transfer credits are applied only to specific studio and liberal arts requirements stipulated for a UArts degree. For this reason, transfer students may be required to complete more than the minimum 48 credits, despite the number of credits earned at previous institutions.

Articulation Agreements
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College of Art, Media & Design
If you submit an application for transfer admission to a program in the College of Art, Media and Design, you will be contacted by the Office of Admissions to schedule a portfolio review with a faculty member from the department to which you are applying. A portfolio review can only be scheduled once all college transcripts and courses in progress have been received, and a preliminary transfer credit evaluation has been completed by the Office of Admission. If you are unable to attend an in-person portfolio review, you may submit your portfolio online or by mail, following guidelines from the department to which you are applying.

If you are admitted, the number of credits and semesters that you will require to complete your degree will depend on the number of liberal arts credits you bring, the number of credits from studio courses, and the number of these courses that are judged equivalent to those in the UArts curriculum.

Freshman Transfers
Transfer students with fewer than 21 transferable liberal arts credits and without qualifications for advanced standing in studio should expect to be registered for first year courses and anticipate being enrolled at The University of the Arts for the equivalent of eight semesters. Those who qualify for either the three-year program or advanced standing but wish to take advantage of the first year programs and elective courses may also apply as freshman transfers.

Three-Year Transfers
Applicants who have not had substantial studio instruction but who present a minimum of 21 transferable credits in liberal arts may qualify for the three-year transfer program. Under this program, students have the opportunity to fulfill the College of Art, Media and Design graduation requirements in three years. In the first year, the first year curriculum is combined with studies in the major department. If approved by both the first year and major-department chairpersons, the transfer student may attain third-year status at the start of his or her second year. This program imposes an extremely demanding schedule and is best suited to mature students who have definitely decided upon a major.

Advanced Standing
Students transferring into the second or third-year level studios of major departments are considered advanced standing candidates. The first year in College of Art, Media and Design programs includes 21 credits of studio classwork in the first year core and elective courses. Students who have completed between 9  and 21 credits in studio and who have studied in the foundation areas may be considered for advanced status. Decisions concerning admission to a major department, class standing, and mandated prerequisites are made by major-department faculty upon an evaluation of the admission portfolio and preliminary transfer-credit analysis.

College of Performing Arts
At the time of your entrance audition, the Audition Committee will evaluate your performance and determine whether to admit you as freshman or advanced standing student. You may receive transfer credit in your major for comparable previous coursework. However, students are not given transfer credit for studio courses until after the completion of their first semester at The University of the Arts. Transfer students should assume that they will receive freshman status unless advanced status is clearly indicated in their letter of admission.