Finding a job on campus is a great way to help with college expenses. Earn a biweekly paycheck while gaining valuable employment experience!

Federal Work-Study

Federal work-study is a need-based program, as determined by your Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Eligibility for the program is based upon need as determined by the FAFSA and availability of funds on a first-come, first-served basis.

The allotment awarded for federal work-study cannot be directly applied to tuition and is the maximum amount available at the time it is approved.

Until you find a job through the federal work-study program, payment is considered an estimate. You’ll receive an hourly wage and a biweekly paycheck.

You can request an increase in your allotment once you’ve started work on campus by emailing your Student Financial Services counselor. 

Some positions require federal work-study, while others might be able to be converted to institutional work-study once the maximum work-study allotment is met. 

UArts students are permitted to work up to 17.5 hours per week during classes. Wage levels start at minimum wage and vary depending on the position. Hours can be arranged to accommodate your class schedule.

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Institutional Work-Study

Institutional work-study is not based on need. If you don’t qualify for federal work-study, you can still apply for jobs on campus. 

Off-Campus Community Service Work-Study

Additional positions with approved, off-campus nonprofit organizations, allow you to be employed in community service positions and receive payment through the federal work-study program. For more information, contact Student Financial Services at

International Student Employment

International students can work at UArts only in on-campus positions. You should first find a job and then acquire a temporary Social Security card. International Student Programs can help you apply for the card.

Email Mara Flamm, director of International Student Programs, at to learn more about working at UArts as an international student.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awards that are granted as part of the admission review process.

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Grants are considered gift aid and do not need to be repaid.

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Loans must be repaid and are usually offered with an extended repayment period.

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Other Ways to Pay for College

Explore external scholarships, 529 plans, tax benefits, and more.

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