Academic Achievement Program

The Academic Achievement Program serves talented student artists, designers and performers at the University of the Arts.

Our programs and specialized support services will enhance students' academic and artistic achievement, advance their progress toward a degree, and sustain their professional careers.
AAP has supported me not only through my time at UArts but also after graduation. The connections I have made have helped me in school, in my career, and pushed me in my practice and in how I view art.

Information on AAP

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Who is a part of AAP?
  • Students admitted to University of the Arts are invited to participate in the Academic Achievement Program if they would benefit from additional assistance in meeting academic or cultural challenges that might otherwise limit their success.

  • Students are admitted to AAP after completing the CONNECT Program before their first fall semester

  • Students are then a part of AAP the whole time they are enrolled at UArts.

Benefits of AAP
  • AAP Connect Program -9 day early orientation program helping new students make successful transition to college

  • AAP Peer Leaders - assist with the CONNECT Program and with events during the academic year. Offer additional support and guidance from the view of a student.

  • AAP Scholarship - $500 scholarship in second, third and fourth years.

  • AAP Success Meetings - AAP students meet with their academic advisor at the start of each semester to develop success plans

  • Academic advising and support

  • Academic skill and professional development workshops

  • Cultural & social activities

  • Educational and exhibition opportunities

  • Textbook Lending Library - students can borrow any required textbooks for free

  • Tutoring - UArts offers free, university-wide tutoring!

Mission and Goals
  • Ensure academic success

  • Teach college academic skills

  • Connect students to faculty, staff, alumni, and peer mentors

  • Develop and enhance leadership skills

  • Introduce students to university resources and support services

  • Help acclimate students to campus culture

  • Encourage and teach self-advocacy

  • Engage students to increase motivation, foster sense of belonging, encourage persistence

  • Create supportive environment and build community 

Ongoing Student Support
  • Goal setting and progress monitoring throughout the semester, for every semester

  • Creating a supportive environment where students know that there are various resources to serve them

  • Learning and practicing social and professional/ interviewing skills

  • Performing under pressure and stress management techniques

  • Building a healthy optimism and a sense of belonging to the University of the Arts community

Contact Infomation
Have questions that were not answered here?

Please contact the Academic Achievement Program in on of the following ways:

Main Office - Gershman, suite 207

Main email: aap@uarts.edu

Main phone: 215.717.6818

Mailing Address:

Academic Achievement Program
The University of the Arts
320 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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AAP Connect Program

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Info on Connect

AAP CONNECT Program is a 9 day early orientation program helping new students transition to college and make the connections they need to be successful.

CONNECT 2023 Info