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Tutoring is available to all students, free of charge, in every course taught at the university.

Peer Tutoring is a great resource for students looking to supplement classroom and studio instruction, and improve your skills in writing, studio classes, ESL, reading and other academic areas.

Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

Schedule a one-time, or weekly tutoring appointment for any course / subject by clicking this link.

  • After clicking the link you will be able to search for a tutor by name or course
  • You can view the tutor's availability for session, and make an appointment(s) to meet with them!
  • After you make your appointment you will receive an email with a GoBoard link to use to access your meeting.
  • If you can't find a tutor for your course, or need help scheduling an appointment please email or Hanna Weckel 
  • Click the image below for a video tutorial on how to sign up for tutoring!
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More information about tutoring at UArts:

Writing Tutoring & Resources

Studio and Course Tutoring & Resources

Become a Peer Tutor

Asynchronous Writing Tutoring

Need help with essay edits or developing a thesis on a class assignment, but do not have time to meet with a tutor? Submit your assignment to be reviewed by one of our Writing Tutors!
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Submit Your Assignment for Asynchronous Writing Tutoring

Please follow the following steps to submit your assignment:

  • Please submit your assignment using this form.

  • Please also be sure to submit your assignment as a Google Doc.

  • After your form is submitted a tutor will make highlights and comments on your essay, and then return the edits via email. Please allow a 2 day turnaround time Monday - Friday, and a 3 day turnaround time for work submitted on the weekend.

Async Writing Tutoring

UArts Peer Tutors

Get to know the Peer Tutors! Use each tab to learn about the tutors from each school.
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Writing Tutors
Writing Tutors
Art, Design & Film Tutors
Spring 21 Art Tutors
Dance Tutors
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Music Tutors
Music Tutors Sp 21
Theater Tutors

Theater Tutors


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Learning Style

Knowing your Learning Style can help you when it comes to finding ways to study and complete school work, leading you to be a more successful student. 

The four main types of learning are:
  • VISUAL - using images, diagrams, and written directions to better understand concepts; preferring to learn when topics are presented visually.
  • AUDITORY - prefer to learn through hearing lectures, and when sound is used to reinforce learning; often read material aloud to themselves to assist in understanding.
  • KINESTHETIC -  learn best through physically engaging with the learning the material; learn through experience the topics, acting out the learning the material, and through touch.
  • READING / WRITING - preferring to learn through written word; find expression through research, reading articles/ books, and writing assignments.

If you do not already know your learning style, you can take this short (2 minutes) quiz here!

Helpful Print Outs

Helpful Study Print Outs

Here are some useful documents that you can download, or print out to keep on hand while you are studying!

  • Download this calendar to help you plan you week with classes, work, and study time. 
  • Learn the most effective way to study with this Study Cycle information sheet