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The tutoring goals and objectives are aligned with the objectives of the University curricula. 

Students may request tutoring for any course(s) they are currently enrolled in - and if we do not currently have a tutor for a specific class, we will find one!

Tutors will work in collaboration with students to assist them in developing their skills, making long-term improvements, and achieving their goals.

Schedule a one-time, or weekly tutoring appointment for any course / subject by clicking this LINK.

  • After clicking the link you will be able to search for a tutor by name or course
  • You can view the tutor's availability for session, and make an appointment(s) to meet with them!
  • After you make your appointment you will receive an email with a GoBoard link to use to access your meeting.
  • If you can't find a tutor for your course, or need help scheduling an appointment please email tutoring@uarts.edu or Hanna Weckel 

Tutoring is free and offered for all courses taught at the University - that includes classes in art, media, design, dance, theater, music, and liberal arts.  We also offer tutoring in computer programs, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Logic Pro, Sibelius, and more.

Here are some of the courses & subjects we offer tutoring in:

-Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop
-Graphic Design courses
-Industrial Design courses
-Illustration courses
-Interactive Programming
-Ceramics: i.e. Intro to Hand building, and Intro to Throwing
-Writing for Film & TV
-Intro to Screenwriting
-Art History
-Men’s Technique
-Modern (Graham & Horton techniques)
-Piano, Class & Jazz
-Jazz Ear Training
-Music Concepts
-Music Theory
-Logic Pro
-Music History
-Transcription & Analysis
-Beginner/Intermediate Tap (for MT)
-Beginner/Intermediate Jazz (for MT)
-Beginner/Intermediate Ballet (for MT)
-Music Skills
-Music Skills Lab (Piano)
-Musical Theater Performance
-Script Analysis
-Survey of Theater Arts
-Stage Combat
-Theatre History I & II
-Voice & Speech for Actors (Freshman & Sophomore levels)

Free Online Resources

  • Here is an online library that offers many eBooks & eTextbooks
  • Music Theory for Musicians and Non-Musicians 
  • Lynda offers some great free video tutorials and training - especially helpful for learning software and computer programs
  • Quizlet is a great place to look for or make study materials for a certain course!
  • Kurzweil 3000 offers many tools that support students in reading, writing, note taking, studying, and testing.
  • Adobe offers free tutorials for all skill levels on how to use the various programs within the creative cloud.
  • Theaterish is a collection of online theater education resources.
  • The Library of Congress has a database with many Performing Arts materials  
  • Berklee Online has free lessons and downloadable handbooks for music students.
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