Rosae Reeder

Illustration (BFA)

As a young person, no matter your choices, it's difficult to find your place in the world. As artists, in some ways, our place is found for us. We know what we're compelled to do. I want our students to see that it's possible to make a living doing what they love.

Rosae Reeder is an inspiring teacher and an innovative and accomplished artist. A world traveler, she has journeyed across literal borders and metaphorical boundaries to study historical papermaking techniques and bookbinding practices. With the support of a UArts Faculty Development Grant, Rosae participated in an intensive workshop at El Ombligo del Libro in Mexico, a program organized by a former student.

Rosae's work combines various alternative photographic processes, digital collage, traditional printmaking media such as letterpress, lithography and monotype, along with book structure. The imagery and content of her work is that of reference and reflection: a moment remembered, a time almost forgotten, a thought process evolved.

Her work has been exhibited in many centers for the book, and in multiple galleries across the country and internationally.



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