Drawing and print media provide versatile strategies for experimentation in mark, space and idea. In the University of the Arts’ Expanded Drawing + Print Media program, you will develop a studio practice that pushes the boundaries of traditional classifications and broadens your ways of seeing, making mark and creating experiences.

Students will explore the vast range of mark-making potential, both on paper and beyond paper, that “drawing” materials and print techniques have to offer. You’ll explore time-based works, site-specific works, and text and image work.

An intense and immersive studio experience is coupled with inspiration from world-class art museums in the city and exposure to a wide range of visiting artists and critics.

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Lydia Spence headshot
Lydia Spence


Expanded Drawing & Print Media
Shane Olsen headshot with a goat
Shane Olsen


Expanded Drawing & Print Media

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    A headshot of Expanded Drawing & Print Media faculty, Lori Spencer
    Lori Spencer

    Expanded Drawing & Print Media
    Artist/printmaker whose work has been exhibited nationally in galleries and public collections
    Rosae Reeder
    Rosae Reeder

    Expanded Drawing & Print Media
    Artist and educator whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and centers for the book


    About the Curriculum

    The curriculum of the Fine Arts Major with an emphasis in Expanded Drawing + Print Media is based on a framework of research, studio experimentation, artistic invention and daily practice. Personal vision and artistic innovation anchor the development of work for significant cultural contributions and dialogue, gallery and museum exhibitions, and creating work for diverse communities and public spaces. To that end, you will be given assignments designed to develop conceptual skills and become proficient in the necessary processes and techniques appropriate for your artistic vision and intention.

    Students who complete the Fine Arts Major with an emphasis in Expanded Drawing + Print Media will

    • demonstrate independent, creative problem-solving and original thinking through the development of a distinct and personal approach to art-making informed by contemporary issues and historical precedents.
    • demonstrate critical and conceptual development through research and analysis, applying readings, theories and methodologies toward the production of critically informed artworks.
    • acquire and demonstrate the professional skills needed to be successful as practicing artists, entrepreneurs and productive citizens, including further study at the graduate level.
    • effectively communicate, orally and in writing, the thoughts behind their choices and decisions concerning content and strategies.
    • demonstrate proficiency in a number of advanced techniques in individual studio practice, including a deep familiarity with materials and processes.

    Sample Courses in the Fine Arts Major with an emphasis in Expanded Drawing and Print Media

    First Year
    Drawing: Objects & Space
    Drawing: Natural Forms & The Human Figure
    Body as Form

    Second Year
    Sophomore Projects
    Expanded Materials 
    Concepts/Works on Paper
    The Printed Multiple

    Third Year
    Word, Image and Visual Culture 
    Installation/Public Intervention
    Junior Projects/Discourse
    Contemporary Issues 


    Fourth Year
    Advanced Drawing & Print Media
    Fine Arts Thesis Groundwork
    The Artist’s Manifesto
    Professional Practices
    Fine Arts Thesis Studio

    To explore the full curriculum, click here.

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    Headshot of Alex da Corte
    Alex Da Corte

    BFA '04

    Expanded Drawing & Print Media
    Visual artist whose work has been called "dazzling" by 'The New York Times'
    Headshot of Leah Mackin at a photocopy machine
    Leah Mackin

    BFA '07

    Expanded Drawing & Print Media
    Professional studio artist and teacher with several solo exhibitions across the country
    Headshot of Nicole Eiland
    Nicole Eiland

    BFA '07

    Expanded Drawing & Print Media
    Founded & directs an art center in a renovated historic New Jersey train station.

    Each academic year, the Fine Arts program at University of the Arts hosts innovative, dynamic artists whose work inspires and educates the entire UArts community. Spring 2019’s roster features Catherine Bebout, Mark Campbell, Mary Mattingly and Carrie Moyer.

    Learn more about this semester’s visiting artists.  

    View a list of past Fine Arts visiting artists. 

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