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The University of the Arts encourages students in the exploration of the borderless and timeless language of the arts. In an increasingly global society, experience abroad can make a significant impact on an artist’s work. Immersion in a new culture provides students with historical, intellectual and technical enrichment as they discover their role in the global narrative. With a variety of locations and areas of study, UArts has a study abroad opportunity that will help you meet your artistic and academic goals.

Members of the University of the Arts community can access additional information on the UArts Portal.

How can a UArts student study abroad?

Faculty-Led Trips
Enroll in a formal study trip during a spring or summer semester for credit toward your degree. Announcements will be sent to all students as these opportunities emerge.

Direct Exchange Programs
Participate in our expanding list of direct exchange programs, encompassing various artistic disciplines. Visual arts students may consider a semester at the National University of the Arts in Korea or at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, music students may spend a semester in the Netherlands at the Prince Claus Conservatoire, and animation majors may study at the Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l'Image in France. Direct exchange opportunities like these are expected to double within the next year.

University of the Arts-Affiliated Programs
University of the Arts-affiliate institutions offer students a number of arts-focused study abroad programs designed by American or foreign institutions. These programs include semester-long and summer programs. Explore a wide range of design and media disciplines at the University of the Arts London, visual and performing arts in a variety of locations through Arcadia's College of Global Studies, and fine arts in Florence through the Studio Art Centers International.

Funding Study Abroad
Student Financial Services provides counseling and information for students who wish to study abroad, including the Scholarship Bulletin Board.

Planning and Application
Most students find that a semester abroad works best in their third year of study. Planning should begin in the fall of the second year – or even the first year at UArts. Petitions to study abroad take some time to complete. Whether you plan to be abroad in the fall OR spring term, the deadline for petition approval is March 15 or the next business day. So begin planning now for your adventure abroad.

Study Abroad Links

To learn more about all the opportunities available at the University of the Arts, contact the Study Abroad Office to make an appointment:


Hamilton Hall, Room 220