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How do I get a Passport?

View the Passport FAQs page

Can I apply before I have a passport?

Yes, but you will not be able to submit the Supplemental Travel Documents form until a passport is uploaded.

Can I book an alternative flight from group?

Yes. However, we do need a minimum number of participants on the group flight before we can start the separate flight option. Once we hit this benchmark, the option for doing separate itineraries opens up. We need a minimum of 10 on the group flight.

Once we hit this benchmark, you would be able to register with WorldStrides in their portal once UArts confirms the final roster. From there, you would get an email that indicates all of the information you will need to provide in your air request. From there, the Air Specialist will provide you with a quote and routing option. From there, once you confirm how you would like to proceed, this will be booked and ticketed.

A couple points on the above:

1.       You can only have 2 revision requests from the original quote, so providing as much information as possible is important on the original request.

2.      The airfare will be subject to market fare at time of booking. The Air Specialist will let the student know what the booking rate will be for their preferred routing.

3.      Once ticketed, the student is responsible for the entire airfare cost. Airfare is non-refundable.

Who can I contact with questions about travel courses?

  • Semester Abroad:

    • Mara Flamm, Director of International Student Services - mflamm@uarts.edu

  • Short Travel courses:

    • Caitlin Perkins, Coordinator for Short Travel courses - cperkins@uarts.edu

    • Melanie Pulley, Program Assistant for Short Travel Courses - mpulley@uarts.edu

How many student can go on the trip?

It depends on the trip, in general we can accept up to 24 students. If more students apply than spots, acceptance will be on a  first come first serve basis. We recommend getting your applications in as soon as possible!

I’m graduating in May, can I still go on the trip?

Yes! Recent graduates are welcome to participate in this trip. If you’re a recent graduate you sign up as auditing a class. You will be subject to the same tuition and fees but will not receive a grade for the course.

We encourage you to tell any recent UArts graduates about the trip!

Is financial aid available?

To see what financial aid you might be eligible for you must complete the part-time aid form with the SFS office. Student Financial Aid will review your application and provide you with any available options and recommendations. Some funding may include Pell Grants, Federal Loans, and State Grants.

Also, If you have any excess funds that you will be getting a refund check for from the Spring semester you can request SFS to hold those funds to put towards the cost of the trip.

If you have any questions about financial aid you can email Beck Gusler at rgusler@uarts.edu

*Please note: using summer funds may impact your lifetime aid limits. SFS will review with you.

Can I use my surplus financial aid to create Travel Savings Account to save up for travel courses or study away?

Yes, you can set up a “Travel Savings Account” to save for a future travel course or study away program. Students will be able to access through Student Self Service.  This form will allow students to request the Student Financial Services Office to hold all or portion of any refund due on student account to a "Travel Savings Account.”

If a credit is due to the parent borrower of the Federal Parent PLUS loan, then the Parent would need to send us an email request (using the email listed on the PLUS loan application) requesting all or portion of the refund to be retained for future Travel expenses.

I would like to see performances and visit museums that are not included in our itinerary. Can I use financial aid for these experiences?

Absolutely! Additional costs like tickets to a show and museum admittance are considered educational expenses while you’re abroad, so if you’re taking out a student loan you can include those expenses.

Are there scholarships opportunities?

Yes! Each course will have different scholarship opportunities. For most up to date information, you should attend the trip info session. University Departments will create scholarships in some cases, and each year our travel agent, World Strides will provide several scholarships opportunities. (Link to scholarship info).

I have prescriptions, what do I need to do?

Health services recommend that you bring a letter from your physician listing your prescriptions, bring a copy of your prescriptions and bring a list of medications and allergies. All medications should be kept in their original packaging.