Tuition & Financial Aid

The Scholarship Difference

The Scholarship Difference

Student Financial Services (SFS) helps thousands of students plan for a University of the Arts education each year. SFS administers scholarships and grants, helps students apply for loans and student employment positions, and works with families to structure payment plans to meet their needs.

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All Student Financial Services contact information can be found here.

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Tuition & Fees

Calculate the total cost of a University of the Arts education, including annual tuition and fees, housing and meal plans, books and supplies, and other incidentals.

Undergraduate Aid

Undergraduate Financial Aid

The University of the Arts offers a variety of financial aid programs to assist students in meeting their educational goals.

Billing and Payment

We are now offering an electronic billing service to our students!

Graduate Financial Aid

Nearly all of the University's full-time graduate students receive federal financial aid or direct grant assistance from the University.


Find out about loans to help you finance your education.

Student Employment

Our employment programs give students the opportunity to earn a pay check while gaining valuable experience.

Rights & Privacy

Rights & Privacy

The University of the Arts complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) regulations.

Sample Aid Awards

The net price calculator provides a preliminary estimate of federal and institutional aid eligibility for 2014-2015.

Financial Aid Documents

All of your financial aid documents in one, convenient location!

Outside Scholarship/Resources

A list of numbers to call if you receive an incomplete notification or do not receive notification within six weeks of application filing.