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Become a student leader for one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of your college career.

There are a few types of student leaders with different roles and responsibilities, and each represents a challenging but rewarding experience.

  • Community Advisors (CA), in conjunction with the Pre-College program, ensure students have a safe and enjoyable summer.
  • Orientation Leaders (OL) welcome new students into the UArts Community. OLs help acclimate new students so they are prepared for their time at UArts.
  • Resident Assistants (RA) RAs support students who live in the residence halls throughout the school year by providing them with programs to help build community.
  • Peer Mentors (PM) are a resource for first semester, first year students.

Learn more about becoming a Student Leader, including time commitments, application requirements, training, and more.

What Do We Look for in a Student Leader

  • Engaged: Being an engaged student is a high priority for all of our student staff members.
  • Character: Student leaders need to be good role models. They need to set a good example, encourage others, learn from past experiences and be able to ask for help.
  • Communication Skills: As a student leader, you need to be able to communicate ideas, be respectful of others, be timely in your follow-up on tasks or requests, and able to interact with all types of people
  • Problem Solving Ability: You need to be able to think through situations calmly, analyze situations and find good solutions.
  • Organizational Skills: Student leaders need to be able to balance projects, deadlines, and work/personal responsibilities.
  • Concern for Others: Above all, these student leader jobs are about caring for others and creating a community at UArts and in the residence halls where everyone feels valued. This often means being available, having an open door when you are home, and frequently socializing.
  • Team Work: As a part of a staff, you will be surrounded by people who are there to support you. Part of the job is also being there to support them.
  • Openness: All student leaders work to create inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and important. You need to be open to everyone and encourage others to accept and celebrate one another.