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Student Leader Opportunities

Become a student leader for one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of your college career.

The Office of Campus Life as well as Residence Life and Conduct have a few types of student leader positions. Each position has different roles and responsibilities and offer their own unique and rewarding experiences. Here's an overview of the positions they offer:

  • Community Advisors (CA) work with the Pre-College program over the summer to host programs for Pre-College residents and ensure students have a safe and enjoyable summer.
  • First Year Guides (FYG) welcome new students into the UArts Community at New Student Orientation and assist with First Year Programs and UArts Day.
  • Resident Assistants (RA) RAs support students who live in the residence halls throughout the school year by providing them with programs to help build community.
  • Peer Mentors (PM) serve as a resource for first semester, first year students and take them to events at UArts and around the city.

Student leader roles are incredibly important to building a thriving campus community. In order to help us best support our community, we look for the following characteristic in all of our student leader roles:

  • Engaged: Being an engaged student is a high priority for all of our student staff members, so being involved on campus and invested in building community is important to us.
  • Character: Student leaders are role models. They need to set a good example, encourage and respect others, learn from past experiences and be able to ask for help.
  • Communication Skills: Student leaders need to be able to communicate ideas, be respectful of others, be timely in your follow-up on tasks or requests, and able to interact with all types of people
  • Problem Solving Ability: Student leaders need to be able to think through situations calmly, analyze situations and find good solutions.
  • Organizational Skills: Student leaders need to be able to balance projects, deadlines, and work/personal responsibilities.
  • Concern for Others: Above all, these student leader jobs are about caring for others and creating a community at UArts where everyone feels valued. 
  • Team Work: As a part of a staff, you will be surrounded by people who are there to support you. Part of the job is also being there to support them.
  • Openness: All student leaders work to create inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and important. You need to be open to everyone and encourage others to accept and celebrate one another.

Position Summary

Community Assistants work with Residence Life and Conduct and are student live-in staff members who serve as liaisons and resources within the campus community for the Pre-College students. The Community Assistant works with their residents and other residential staff members to create an environment in the residence halls that contributes to the social and cultural development of the members of the Pre-College community.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative Duties

  • Communicate information to residential students and build community through ways of bulletin boards, door decorations, and any means communicated by the Pre-college or RLC staff
  • Organize weekly programs for residents 
  • Create large scale programs with fellow CAs
  • Interact with residents
  • Eat meals in Terra Dining Hall with Pre-College students
  • Assist students with work orders as necessary
  • Respond to emails, phone calls, and other requests from professional staff in a timely manner

Staff Development and Training

  • Attend all trainings occurring in the Spring semester and approximately one week prior to Pre-College
  • Attend individual supervisory and staff meetings on a weekly basis
  • Positively engage in all trainings and meetings
  • Take proactive steps towards building CA staff team and participate in teambuilding events
  • Demonstrate desire to grow within leadership role and accept feedback from peers, supervisors, and colleagues

Safety and Policies

  • Assist students in handling crises and solving conflicts
  • Serve in the duty rotation, including back up duty
  • Know, adhere to, and uphold the University of the Arts policies and procedures 
  • Keep students informed about housing issues and policies by posting notices and through personal contact
  • Serve as a role model for Pre-College Summer Institute students
  • Incorporate the value of diversity into work
  • Serve as a resource to students and refer students to University offices and staff as appropriate

Compensation & Benefits

Housing costs are waived for all Community Assistants during the Pre-College program. Community Assistants will also be paid a $1,800.00 stipend for the summer and will be given a meal plan while students are in session.

Hiring Process

Applications for the Community Assistant position are made available in early November and are emailed to students. In order to apply for the position, all applicants are required to attend an information session. Please see the Student Activities calendar for dates or email with questions.

Position Summary

First Year Guides (FYGs) work for the Office of Campus Life and are responsible for helping to welcome our new students every year at Orientation. They are assigned a group of new students at the start of Orientation and it is their role to help ensure that these new students feel welcomed and get connected on campus. They reach out to their group throughout the semester and participate in First Year Student programming, as well as serve as UArts Day leaders and help to make UArts Day a success!

To be a FYG, you must participate in a week long FYG training one week before Orientation, work the entirety of Orientation, and work UArts Day. Other responsibilities include:

  • Be knowledgeable and passionate about UArts and getting involved on campus
  • Be positive, enthusiastic and welcoming to all new students, families, and fellow Orientation team members
  • Serve as a resource to new students and help them navigate campus resources
  • Help promote UArts Day and assist in facilitating UArts Day activities 

The FYG application becomes available in the beginning of the spring semester and requires two references from staff, faculty, or other student leaders. Students will be emailed from Campus Life with the position description and application link. All qualified applicants are required to attend a group interview day in March as well as individual interviews. All applicants will be notified if they have been selected to serve as a FYG via email by the end of March. 

FYGs are compensated a total of $1500 for their service. They receive payment in two pieces, $750 after Orientation and $750 after UArts Day. FYGs also receive two orientation t-shirts, one UArts Day t-shirt, lunches throughout training and all meals during Orientation and UArts Day. 

Want to learn more about the FYG position? Join us for one of our FYG info sessions in early spring. Check out the Campus Activities Calendar for info session dates, or email for more info. 

Position Summary

Resident Assistants (RAs work with the Residence Life and Conduct office and are student live-in staff members who facilitate the development of the residence community, support the development of individual students, uphold the Code of Conduct, take a proactive role in maintaining safe residential facilities, take a broader leadership role within the University, participate in staff development and training, and perform administrative duties.

RAs positively shape the UArts’ on-campus living experience, while also enhancing their own leadership skills (including time management, interpersonal communication, budgeting, public speaking, and conflict mediation). Few campus employment opportunities provide students with the scope and depth of this position; RAs must be prepared for an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience where they can impact the lives of many students.

In line with these expectations, RAs' primary responsibilities are to build community among their residents and serve as a resource to the students living in their communities and in their residence hall. The residence life program depends on the strong performance of each staff member’s responsibilities and support of the overall team.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Student Development, Community Development

  • Facilitates the development of students and the community
  • Completes the goals set within the community building model providing innovative opportunities to students that meet their developmental needs
  • Identifies and becomes familiar with all students in assigned community
  • Identifies and facilitates involvement and leadership development within students
  • Supports the academic mission of the University
  • Incorporates the value of diversity into work and challenges stereotypes/prejudices by students
  • Supports students in transition and assists with New Student Orientation
  • Serves as a resource to students and refers students to University offices and staff as appropriate

Code of Conduct

  • Participates in duty rotation and completes rounds of the residence facilities as designated
  • Serves as a conflict mediator between individuals and groups
  • Knows, adheres to, and upholds the Code of Conduct
  • Responds to crisis situations and contacts professional staff as appropriate
  • Provides appropriate documentation of policy violations that is well written, timely, and contains all necessary information

Safety & Facilities Management

  • Takes responsibility for creating a safe, secure, well-maintained living/learning environment
  • Conducts Health & Safety Checks of student rooms
  • Assesses the condition of student rooms / common spaces and completes appropriate documentation in a timely manner
  • Participates in a rotation at the end of each semester to check students out of their rooms, facilitates housing openings/closings, and remains on campus to work after housing closing in May
  • Assist students with work orders and facilities requests as necessary

University Leadership Role

  • Serves as a positive role model and representative of Residence Life and Conduct, Student Affairs, and the University
  • Participates in RLC, Student Affairs and University programs, activities, ceremonies and celebrations
  • Works for positive change through proper channels and advocates for all students
  • Is sensitive to the public relations image conveyed and promotes a positive image of the residence community to students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, parents and guests of the University
  • Demonstrates professionalism in all interactions with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and university guests within paraprofessional leadership role
  • Be familiar with, supports, and contributes to the mission and goals of RLC, Student Affairs and the University
  • Exhibits ability to maintain confidentiality and handle private information with respect
  • Demonstrates appropriate utilization of the power and privilege associated with the RA position including use of master keys and elevated swipe access, access to private / confidential information, university information

Staff Development and Training

  • Attends staff meetings, individual supervisory meetings, and in-service trainings
  • Returns approximately two weeks prior to the residence opening in August and approximately three days prior to the residence opening in January for training and development
  • Takes proactive steps towards building the RA/RLC staff team and participates in teambuilding events
  • Positively engages in all departmental trainings and meetings
  • Demonstrates desire to grow within leadership role and accepts feedback from peers, supervisors, and colleagues

Administrative Duties

  • Communicates information from RLC and the University to students via regular hall meetings, email, and direct communication
  • Responds to emails, phone calls, and other requests from professional staff in a timely manner
  • Coordinates information collection from students at defined times during the year and as needed by the University
  • Participates in the staffing of RLC events and representing RLC at University events, committees and programs
  • Assists supervisor and supervisory staff with delegated administrative tasks
  • Completes all paperwork and tasks in a timely and thorough manner
  • Assumes additional responsibilities as directed or assigned by RLC supervisory staff
  • Prepares for all meetings and arrives on time
  • Demonstrates strong communication skills and listening skills


  • Possess and maintains a minimum semester cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Be a full-time registered UArts student (12 credits minimum) and have upper-class standing of sophomore, junior, or senior

Availability and Outside Commitments

  • Maintains regular availability to students, including nights and weekends, and spends a majority of time in residence
  • General availability on weeknights, weekends and some holidays
  • Outside employment positions can be held for no more than twenty hours per week; additional leadership roles, academic requirements or other significant commitments may factor into the amount of hours permitted to work off campus
  • Maintain roles that do not present a conflict of interest with the RA position; positions with high level of commitment and responsibility in conjunction with the University such as (but not limited to) New Student Orientation First Year Guide or Residence Hall Council Leader
  • Understands need to balance personal life, academics, the RA role with other student commitments

Reasoning Ability

  • Demonstrates ability to solve practical problems and respond quickly when necessary
  • Maintains strong organizational and time management skills
  • Establishes ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks
  • Prioritizes responsibilities and meets multiple deadlines

Compensation & Benefits

RAs receive remuneration for room and board charges and a monthly stipend.

Hiring Process

Applications for the Resident Assistant position are made available in early November and are emailed to students. In order to apply for the position, all applicants are required to attend an information session. Please see the Student Activities calendar for dates or email with questions.

Peer Mentors work with the Office of Campus Life and are matched with two to three new first year students and serve as their mentor for their first semester at UArts. Mentors serve as a resource to their mentees, help to introduce their mentees to UArts and the Philadelphia community, and give mentees advice on how to navigate the university successfully. 

Peer Mentors are required to take their mentees to various campus events to help their mentees get introduced to various aspects of life on campus and participate in programming exclusively designed for the Peer Mentor program. In addition, mentors will be given a stipend to do individual or small group activities with their mentee group!  

  • Attend one training meeting at the beginning of fall semester with the mentor team.
  • Make contact with your mentees as often as possible, but a minimum of twice a month. 
  • Attend one monthly campus program with mentees. 
  • Serve as a resource to your mentees and help them find answers to their questions.
  • Help your mentees get connected on campus.
  • Submit monthly updates to Campus Life about how you and your mentees are doing.
  • Attend meetings as required by the New Student Program Coordinator and/or the Office of Campus Life.

Interested in becoming a Peer Mentor? You must have completed Emerging Leaders or be a First Year Guide, Resident Assistant or Community Assistant to qualify to apply. Applications are made available in March every spring semester. 

All Peer Mentors upon successfully upholding their requirements are compensated with $200 at the end of the fall semester.