Peer Mentors is a one-semester peer mentoring program sponsored by the Office of Campus Life. Incoming students are paired with returning students who will be there to assist students throughout their first semester. Studies show that having a peer mentor during your first semester or first year of college increases your likelihood to have a successful first year. By being involved with Peer Mentors, students will be able to meet peers outside of their major and have someone to help them navigate the University. Mentees and mentors get to participate in exclusive Peer Mentor activities, communicate with one another on a weekly basis, and explore Philadelphia. 

Get A Mentor (incoming students only)

Become A Mentor (upperclassmen only) 

What are the benefits of peer-to-peer mentoring?
Both the mentor and the mentee are able to benefit from the peer-to-peer relationship. Mentors gain practical helping and communication skills that can be used in future careers. Mentees are able to have a safe environment to ask questions and someone who can help them get to know campus and our Center City neighborhood. Many students feel more comfortable discussing certain topics with a peer rather than an "adult" or "administrative" figure.

How do we make matches?
We try to match students with people we think would be compatible; for instance, we have matched folks on shared interests, hometowns and major.

I'm being given a mentor through my major or another program; can I participate in this too?
Yes! Many students participate in multiple mentoring programs across campus. Doing so allows the student to meet more people and begin to build a network across campus. Some students also enjoy having someone they can go to about major specific items, but also someone they can go to who doesn't share their major so they get another perspective.

When will I meet my mentor?
Mentor matches will be sent out during the first week of school. There will be a "Meet Your Mentor" event at the start of the semester. Details will be emailed to all mentors and mentees in advance.

What happens if I don't like my mentor?
Every effort is made to ensure successful matches. If a match is unsuccessful, we will try our best to re-match you with available mentors.

Can the mentorship continue past the first semester?
Yes! Although the formal program concludes at the end of the first semester, we do encourage students to continue to keep in touch. Hopefully your participation in Peer Mentors is just the beginning of a friendship!

A few great reasons to be a part of the Peer Mentor program:

  • Mentors have been in your shoes before. These are upperclassmen who remember what their first year was like and they want to assist you.
  • Having a mentor will help you become acclimated to campus more quickly. Mentors know people on campus and they can introduce you.
  • Peer Mentor involvement offers lots of free activities: dinner, movies, fun outings. Mentors are given a stipend to spend specifically on their mentees!
  • Mentors can serve as a sounding board. Have a question but not sure who to ask? Ask your mentor. They can probably tell you the answer or help you figure it out.
  • Accountability. Mentors want to see you do well in your first year. Mentors can help you set goals and work to meet them.
  • It's fun! Having a mentor is also someone who you can just have fun with and talk to when you need. The peer mentor relationship is not meant to be stressful, just an extra bonus to your new college life.